2 Exotic & Mouthwatering Recipes to Prepare Italian Appetizers at Home

Call them starters of appetizers, their taste, Aroma & texture is simply irresistible. The term appetizer basically belongs to Italian cuisine but it has gradually spread all over the world. No matter, which kind of restaurant you are visiting cover they all will serve you with unique appetizers before starting lunch or dinner. Italian food has a significant status in world-class restaurants. Healthy ingredients, distinctive taste & ease of cooking are three major reasons why Italian food has gained recognition out of Europe. Talking about the authentic recipes of Italy, you will notice some basic ingredients in every dish such as olive oil, cheese, bread & oven baking process.

 If you are expecting a few guests tonight for dinner, it’s better to prepare with some food including appetizers, main course & desserts. At home, generally, everyone pays attention to main, main course and desserts but forgot about the appetizers because they seem very difficult to prepare. Nevertheless, appetizers cooking process is not that complicated. You just need the right ingredients and recipe. This article will guide you with the recipes of 2 different styles.

Pinwheels of ham & fresh basil

The pinwheels may take some time for preparation but you will never regret having them in your menu. In this article, we are going to prepare 24 servings that will take around 2 ½ hours. First of all, start by arranging essential ingredients:-

  • Take 6 flour tortillas with a length of 10 inches each.
  • Buy an 8-ounce packet of cheese cream that must be softened
  • Put 4-ounce of fresh basil in a separate cup.
  • Buy 12 freshly sliced hams from the market.
  • Search for red leaf lettuce and rinse its 12 leaves.
  • One cup of sun-dried tomatoes (no oven).

Process of preparation

  • Roll out every tortilla & spread cream cheese lightly on each of them. After spreading cream, put 2 slices of ham on every tortilla in the middle.
  • Now, spread a layer of basil followed by another layer of sun-dried tomatoes. On the third layer, you need to spread the red leaf lettuce covering across the center where ham slices exist. While spreading all these layers, make sure that they are not touching the ends of the tortilla.
  • Once everything is perfectly arranged, start rolling out the tortilla tightly from its one end to make a roll. For maintaining the firmness of rolls, use toothpicks in crossway. Repeat this process with every tortilla and put all of them in a dish with cover from the top.
  • Place these rolls inside the refrigerator and wait for around 2 hours. Take out the rolls, slice them in four equal portions and your cold Italian appetizers are ready to serve.

This recipe is very easy to prepare, all you need is a gentle hand for rolling. The major time is taken by the refrigeration process.

Bruschetta of chicken & sun-dried tomatoes

If you have tried all kinds of appetizers rolls, it’s time to change the concept with long slices of bread. Here is a quick recipe to follow:-


  • One pound loaf of focaccia bread cut into half-inch thick slices.
  • Buy 2 boneless chicken breasts which must be without skin.
  • 8 sun-dried tomatoes but make sure that they are not packed in oil.
  • Take a ¼ th cup of Italian salad dressing.
  • Crumb ⅓ rd cup of fets cheese.
  • Get 4 cups of torn spinach which must be fresh.
  • ¼ th cup of olive oil.

Process of preparation

  • Put your chicken breasts in a large bowl & pour the Italian dressing and let it marinate for around 3 hours.
  • Once it is perfectly marinated, heat your griller at high temperature.
  • Pour some oil in the grills and put your chicken breasts on them. Grinn each of the side for around 7 minutes then, let it cool down & shred.
  • Take another large bowl to mix all ingredients including spinach, cheese, tomatoes and Italian dressing with shredded chicken.
  • Lightly toast your focaccia bread after brushing olive oil & place the mixture on it.
  • Your exotic Italian snack food is ready to serve as an appetizer before the main course dinner.

These are the two easiest authentic Italian appetizer recipes that don’t require any professional level skills for preparation. Choose pinwheels if you want them cold or bruschetta for a little bit hotter.

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