4 Excellent Features Of The Online Quran Learning For Beginners

Our beloved Holy Prophet P.B.U.H once narrated that:

“The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.” (Bukhari)

There are bundles of Hadith and verses that emphasize on the importance of learning the Quran. The Quran provides knowledge about all aspects of life and brings us closer to our creator. Allah has promised countless blessings in this world and hereafter for those who spend their lives according to Allah’s will. Muslim brothers and sisters must learn the Quran to live a healthy, happy, and satisfying life.

No one is ignorant of the importance of learning the Quran. Being a mother of 5 years old son, I was struggling hard to manage a good Quran tutor for him. Suddenly, one of my friends suggested tomeIlmul Quran Online Academy for seeking high-quality Islamic education under the surveillance of expert tutors. All of my worries flew away at once. I contacted them to register for an online Quran learning course. We started trial classes and I was satisfied with their performance, so I decided to continue this course.

Here I would like to share some spectacular characteristics of online Quran classes.

1# Save time and money:

The online Quran for beginners is easy and simple to learn because it is flexible for school going kids to take classes at a suitable timetable from home. On the other, going to a mosque on fixed timings makes kids frustrated and busy. They cannot focus on their studies and mental development affects badly. The freedom of flexible timings makes both kids and parents hassle-free from finding a good tutor at home. It saves both time and money.

2# Step-by-step teaching approach:

The second most prominent feature of online Quran classes is the availability of professional teachers. The teachers are trained to deal with learners of all ages. The certified and experienced teachers know how to manage daily lectures. The online Quran for beginners utilizes a step-by-step approach to make them familiarize themselves with Arabic language. No doubt, Noorani Qaida is the best possible solution because it is comprised of all essential requirements necessary to learn Arabic.

3# Interactive teaching style:

A teacher can only win the heart of his pupils with kindness, amicable behavior, and effective teaching style. The one-on-one sessions through Skype are safe and time-efficient for learners of all ages. The focal points of teachers are theidentification of words and pronunciation by applying Tajweed rules. The certified Quran teacher of Ilmul Quran Online Academyuses engaging teaching techniques that build interest among learners. Even reverts can also contact them to learn the Quran.

4# Excellent communication:

The most important issue is the lack of communication between students and teachers. Sometimes, language becomes a barrier to swift learning. The online Quran tutors have command on speaking English, Urdu, and Arabic language to establish a strong connection with learners.

I highly recommend online Quran classes for beginners of all ages to learn Islam and Quran.