4 Sew In Hair Mistakes That You Should Avoid Making



Hair weaving has taken the women’s hairstyling industry by storm. There was a time where weaving hair was considered to be painful and agonising for women to endure such that many refrained even to try it out. Hence, weaving in recent times has undoubtedly improved a whole lot and ensured that the style that hair is made is retained.

Thus, in recent times, there have been several sew in hair formats where women are enjoying themselves and flaunting their thick hair around. But still, there are some hair mistakes that you should know about and avoid while you sew your hair to attain a unique look. All of which are provided below.

Hair weaves for a more extended period

Sew in hair is undoubtedly an expensive procedure were to have a unique look you would have to pay out a fortune to get it all right. Most might think that getting the weave for an extended period and leave it there, but that’s not the option as you will have to take it out in short intervals to avoid hair damage. Often, the life span of weaves is about a month. But then with proper hair care and weave care, you could extend that to a week or two. But it advised that you avoid such practices as the oil, dirt and sweat buildup in your original hair would cause permanent hair damage that would result in a higher degree of hair damage.

Leaving out a part of your hair for creating a partition

Often, while you get a weave on your hair, several things come after the weave that you have to follow before you get the weave. Thus, if you are to straighten, manipulate or alter the weave that is sewed into place, then it does result to a significant problem where hair loss and hair damage are evident to create further problems to the existing hair growth. It’s advised that you talk to your stylist about a complete sew and weave option where it non-adjustable and you get the desired look that you are looking for. It might be pricey, but it’s worth every penny and doesn’t have to deal with hair damage issues.

Avoiding to wash your hair with weaves on

Many avoid washing their hair because the weave might get damaged and getting that placed properly would undoubtedly take quite some time and extra finances as well. Hence, it’s advised that you ensure the original hair is washed every day where it receives proper rinsing of hair. It might be challenging to put the weave back on, but based on the occasion of having the weave in the first place; you will have to consider your options of either keeping the weave for a more extended period of having natural growing hair for the rest of your life.  

Having pins in your hair after the weave and leaving them there

If you put on a weave and that results in an itchy scalp, then that’s never a great sign. Utilising pins to prevent itchiness of the scalp is not the solution that you should utilise. It’s not because of the weave but because of the irritation that the hair might be getting from the dirt, dryness and flaky skin of your scalp that causes the problem to arise in the first place. Avoid any format of pins that help in preventing a scratchy scalp. If the situation prevails, then you should refrain from using a weave and have your natural hair to breathe and treat the problem before you use the weave back again. In this manner, you could avoid having an itchy scalp after all.  

Hence, the above-given pointers are a must to avoid if you are ever to get sew-in hair. If you were to follow the above given practices still then it might result in your hair to get damaged faster and cause it to fall more often than normal.

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