4 Things You Need To Consider When Layering With Rugs

The choice of rugs plays a vital role in your home décor scene. A detail as small as the colour tone or the type of fabric, can either lift the whole setting or could put a damper, too.

The market is flooded with varied options and there has been a serious shift of liking towards the natural fibres. They not only look classy but are sustainable and environment-friendly too. Starting from the wool, jute to seagrass and sisal rug, there are many beautiful options that you can try out.

However, as a shopper, you are faced with so many things. Whether to go for the rusty tones or colourful ones? Go plain or patterned? Which pattern will go better with your home settings, Persian or Geometric? There are so many questions that might lurk in your mind while making an ultimate choice.

However, with some layering mash up, you can create your own masterpieces. Believe it or not, this will help you solve a lot of décor related issues on the go.

So, let us get started with the basics.

  1. Bring in some definition: If you are trying to create a concept of floating furniture but having some challenges implementing the same (because of the too large space), layering up the rugs, can help you bring some definition to the room.

Ideally speaking, there should be 10″ – 12″ of uncovered floor area between the rug edges and the walls. However, with bigger spaces, it might not work and you’ll find everything out of proportion. What you can do is layer a smaller dimension rug in the centre. It will give the illusion of dissolved space and provide the much-needed definition to your room.

  1. Create A Focus Point: Simply by placing a smaller rug on a larger one, in the middle of your living room can accentuate the décor. You can use it as a focus point. For example, if you have a beautiful table piece that you want to highlight, simply place it over the layered rugs. It will instantly be the centre of attention.

You can use the same tactic for the masking too. If there is some part of furniture that you don’t want to be in glare, simply place it over a smaller dimensioned rug and you’ll be sorted.

  1. Choosing Colours: Layering gives you the perfect opportunity to play with colours. A mono-toned carpet covering the entire floor can make the whole setup look boring. Instead, layer it up with a textured one to create a beautiful ambience.

There are so many ways that you can experiment. Go for contrasting colours or choose a combination of geometry and earthy tones to pull out a unique effect.

  1. Experiment with textures: It’s just not the colour, but, you can play around the textures too. In natural fibre options like jute or sisal floor coverings, there are many textures to choose from. You can go for braided or knotty ones to create a beautifully layered amalgamation.

Use the above-mentioned tricks with your favourite rugs and accentuate your home décor scene. You are invited to order best sisal rug online from Floorspace.

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