47 Days- The Mystery Unfolds’ Trailer Review

47 day movie

47 Days- the Mystery Trailer

Gear up for a nerve-racking, nail-biting, action-packed, and thrilling experience, for Director Pradeep Madalli’s mystery thriller offering, ‘47 Days- the Mystery Unfolds’ is set to release on the 30th of June. The trailer for the film which is digitally released on the streaming platform,  ZEE5, has teased audiences with screens depicting the fast-paced plot-setting and hinted at a  power-driven performance, story, and execution.

47 day movie

The Telugu release is essentially a cop drama that is, based on first impressions weaved with all the great ingredients of a thriller- suspense, drama, action, and chock full of bravado. The trailer for ‘47 Days The Mystery Unfolds’ sees lead actor Satyadev Kancharana step into the shoes of a police officer, Satya.

He is actively pursuing an investigation in the suicide for which the plot progressively thickens. Soon, Satya discovers a thread between the suicide and the death of his wife, which has so far been ruled as an accident in the eyes of the world. Satya probes into the case further; he follows the thread which leads to more knots and obstacles, confirming his suspicion that the mysterious circumstances surrounding his wife’s death may simply be a ploy to cover up foul play!


The trailer sets the tone for the dramatic story-telling and how. Satya’s deep-voiced narrative in the trailer foreshadows a tragic tale of a brooding cop who is about to take on that one case that serves as the end-all, be-all, of their entire career.

By intertwining a personal loss in the hero’s life, the story has further solidified the expectations of the audience- that this is not just a mystery to challenge your wits, but it is also a pot-boiler about a cop on a vendetta. Satya is aided by a strong female cast with Pooja Jhaveri and Roshini Prakash complimenting him on-screen. Actor Ravi Varma is also touted to play an important role in the film.


47 Days’ relies on the cinematography of GK and music by Rahu Kunche as well to set the visual and ambient dynamic for the mystery thriller. ‘47 Days’ is definitely setting up audience expectations to deliver as a surprisingly good Telugu noir.

But, the trope of a brooding, sulking protagonist narrating the most important incident in their life is a common trope in noir movies. In light of a curiosity spiking trailer, it remains to be seen whether Director Maddali is able to mobilize a cast that also comprises of Srikanth Iyengar, Organ, Baby Akshara, Mukthar Khan, and Kireeti, to offer something and break the mould for noirish cop dramas.

47 day movie

Action thrillers are often known to spoil the broth by coupling a stellar cast with over-the-top action sequences and unrealistic story-telling, or by developing a complex, intriguing mystery that the storyteller themselves cannot resolve satisfactorily within the given runtime.

However, considering ‘47 days’ is being presented by a Director with substantial film titles in his kitty, and with a lead actor with substance to back his name, there are a lot of expectations riding on this movie.