5 Best Things To Do In Philippines For Unconditional Love For Adventure

Philippines is a tropical country located in Southeast Asia. This island country is popular for exquisite white-sanded sunny beaches and beautiful bays of the Indian Ocean. The compelling ethno-Catholic culture of this place has attracted many travellers worldwide. Not only the enriched culture but also this place is famous for offering the adventurous escapade. Starting from kayaking down the tranquil water to kite surfing, gambling in casinos- in short, there is no dearth of crazy things to get indulged in the Philippines. If you nurture the unconditional love for adventure, Philippines tour has to be on your radar. As there are endless things to do, you may get confused on what to try and what not. That’s why I am here to help you out by providing 5 best things to do in the Philippines to suffice your craving for adventure. Scroll down and have a look. 

Go for Kayaking

The Philippines is an island country, so watersports are the USP. If you don’t go for kayaking here, I must say, you are going to lose all the chances of redemption.*Just kidding*

But kayaking on the Panagsama Beach in Moalboal is a must-try. You will cherish the views of paddling along the wildlife, for the rest of your life. You can also add snorkelling, or scuba diving into your “to-do” list. 

Trek to the Chocolate Hills

Want to experience something out of the world? Ride up the Chocolate hills and let nature embrace you. The magnificent layers of the lush green have covered the whole area, and you will see greenery only as far as your eyes can go. The best time to trek to this place is in winter. These hills get adorned in chocolate brown when the dry summer season comes. From here, you can go for a countryside tour. 

Laze around the Bamboo Hanging Bridge

A slow walk across the Bamboo Hanging Bridge is one of the fascinating things you must add into your Philippines tour package. The sturdy yet delicate bridge is made upon a constantly flowing water. At the end of the bridge, there are small shops and stalls. Buy some gift for your special person and make this walk memorable for yourself. 

Experience the Zipline Boracay

See the island from a fancy bird’s eye view, visit the Zipline Park. You will be bound in a gondola around your belly and released at running speed to the bottom. This sport is perfect for watching the below island in plan view. Besides, you can also get indulged in cable car racing or zip lining there.

Opt for Kite Surfing on Bulabog Beach

Revive the memories of your childhood by getting into the kite surfing on Bulabog Beach. The wind strength is so high that it makes the place perfect for this sport. You see a number of shops are on the beach selling kitesurfing gears. Rent from any shop, followed by having basic lessons from them. You can also try the popular kiteboarding.

We’ve got you 5 best things to do in the Philippines to help you in planning your trip. You can book a customizable Philippines tour package from Pickyourtrail. Reach us and let us know what else you want to include in your to-do list. 


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