5 Unique Features of Baby G Watches

5 Unique Features of Baby G Watches

Over time, the Baby-G watches has gained fame as durable female watches. Not only they are rocky but also includes a number of unique features, such as the stopwatch, hourly chime and daily alarms. You can easily find them on the best online watch store. Baby-G resembles a lot like G-Shock watches and is equally elegant, bold and dynamic.

A number of famed personalities of music and fashion industry proudly wear Baby-G watches. Joyrich, Kesha and Rebecca Minkoff are some of these personalities. But this doesn’t mean that it is a watch brand for royalty only. You can buy luxury Baby-G watches on sale without spending much.

The story of Baby-G watches

The story of Baby-G watches started in the 90s and ended with the perfect image of fashion and functionality. Watchmakers of Casio decided to build a separate watch brand for females with the same functionality as G-Shock watches. This is the brand that we know today as Baby-G.

How Baby-G differ from G-Shock

As we mentioned earlier, Baby-G timepieces are inspired by the G-Shock watches. However, these are smaller in size and come with a touch of feminine style. G-Shock models usually have limited colours, but Baby-G watches are available in various styles and colours. You can get one in pink, red, purple, green, blue, or green colour.

Why they are called Baby-G watches?

Baby-G models feature short strips, for smaller wrists and come in fun colours. Moreover, many of these watches are unisex styling which are perfect for both girls and boys as well as kids. Hence, the name Baby-G was coined for these uniquely designed, smaller versions of G-Shock watches.

5 Unique features of Baby G watches

Here are the five unique features of Baby G watches that have earned them popularity.


1 Water-resistant

Each Baby-G model is water-resistant to be at least 100 meters. So, your boy or girl can wear it and swim or snorkel without any fear. However, we don’t recommend these watches for deep-sea diving or scuba diving.

2 Shock Resistant

The shock-resistant feature makes the Baby-G watches ideal for daily use. It comes with a robust shock-resistant structure that protects your watch against vibrations and shocks caused during sports. Furthermore, these timepieces can withstand violent shocks caused by striking or dropping.

3 Light

Many of Baby-G models are equipped with a built-in backlight feature. This makes it convenient to use at night as you can light up the dial with the push of a button. The light playfully brightens the dial making it a useful tool to wear at night.

4 World time

Casio manufactures Baby-G watches with a list of preset cities across the globe. These watches can display time of specific regions at any time. Thus, you or your child can check the time of different countries while travelling. You can also use this feature to teach your children the difference between various time zones.

5 Colourful variations

Baby-G watches are available in a number of styles and colour variations. You can literally get a watch in any imaginable colour with a creative style. You can match it with your clothes or complement the clothing and other accessories with a stylish Baby-G watch.