5 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Air Cooler this Summer

5 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Air Cooler

Buying an air conditioner is one way to deal with the soaring temperatures, but these units can be expensive and the one-time cost is accompanied by high electricity bills and maintenance costs.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive solution rather than an air conditioner, then your best move is to pick an air cooler. This compact cooling machine reduces the temperature of the room through evaporation technology and delivers cooler, denser air. Through this mechanism, rooms stay cool and have the right moisture level without costing you a fortune.

If you’re wondering whether air coolers are safe and healthy, the answer is yes. Newer models of air coolers have filtration systems in place that guarantee high air quality. These include filters in the water tank as well as in the blower mechanism.

Air coolers also work through the process of humidification, which ensures that the air being circulated is always fresh. Additionally, they are environment-friendly too as they have no harmful emissions.

Another huge upside to owning an air cooler is its portability. It is incredibly compact, has minimal operational parts and comes mounted with wheels, weighing nothing more than 15 kilos, on average. This makes owning one extremely beneficial as you can cool any room in your household with a single air cooler.

This summer is a great time to invest in a good air cooler as Bajaj Finserv brings to you exclusive offers on the best air coolers in the market. To further add to the air cooler’s affordability, you can avail of No Cost EMIs offered by the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network. This means that you don’t incur any additional costs other than that of the purchase price of the air cooler.

Once you decide to buy the cooler, knowing how to get the most out of it is important too.

 Here’s how you can be sure of this:

 Ensure proper air cooler placement

 A common misconception with air coolers is that they require the room to be closed. On the contrary, an air cooler benefits from ample ventilation. It works using evaporators, which turn hot air into cool air through wet cooling pads.

Appropriate placement of an air cooler is essential too as it optimises cooling. A good rule to follow when it comes to placement is to have the air cooler placed in front of a slightly open window.

This ensures that all the hot air enters straight into the cooler’s filters and is instantly cooled. However, do not to open the window fully when running the cooler, as you’ll end up heating the room to an unpleasant temperature.

 Clean the water tank and air filters regularly

 Air coolers have parts such as air filters, cooling pads and a water tank that are susceptible to collecting dirt and other debris that reduce their efficiency. Air filters and cooling pads especially need to be cleaned to eliminate dirt, dust and pollen as these deteriorate the air quality and cooling capacity.

The water tank must be regularly checked too for mould build-up or leaks. This component can easily become a breeding ground for unpleasant bacteria and in turn, it can severely affect your health. Similarly, checking for leaks will ensure that your air cooler doesn’t suffer from any unnecessary water damage.

 Ensure that the air cooler is compatible with an inverter

 Inverter-compatible air coolers can set your mind at ease. This is because, in India, many cities and states are still plagued by erratic and prolonged power cuts, causing great discomfort. Inverter-compatible air coolers work well even in such areas, offering cool air consistently by drawing power from an inverter. In some cases, these air coolers are highly energy efficient too.

Utilise the control panel for maximum efficiency

 You can ensure you get the most out of your air cooler by making the best use of the control panel. Air coolers that have this feature allow you to set a cooling timer, thus automatically turning the fan off after a few hours.

Since most air coolers can run for around 7 hours on a full water tank, depending on your requirement for cool air, you can adjust this setting on the unit. This way, your cooler will never run on an empty water tank and will always efficiently circulate cool air as per your needs.

 Avoid running the air cooler without adequate water

 Since the air cooler relies on evaporators and cooling pads to function, you should avoid using the air cooler at inadequate water levels. The water ensures the longevity of the filters and the cooling pad and balances the internal temperature of the appliance. Ensuring you have enough water for the entire duration of its use is key to getting the most out of your air cooler.

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