7 tips to stop your garden from turning into a jungle

Owning a beautiful garden or backyard is just like a dream come true. Many are blessed with such beauty at home, but what the owners fail to handle is the maintenance part. They do own a paradise but lag behind in maintaining a garden that breathes fresh and is free of clutter and unwanted tree trunks. A messy jungle is what it ultimately results into lacking proper care and maintenance. Waste clearance can be a backbreaking task, but you need to be keen about it if you love fantasizing a backyard at home. So if you are someone looking out for ways to stop your garden from being converted into a jungle, then here are a few helpful tips for you:


The start up

As a novice, you need to first observe the pattern of growth of plants. You need to study them carefully so that you are well versed with their behavioural aspects. Also, make sure that you study the seasonal behaviour of plants in your garden. Once you are done with this figuring out process, you can further decide ways to make use of your garden in the most probable ways. Not only the trees and trunks that find a place in your garden is a sign of overgrown garden but every junk that occupies space can cause a deterioration in the ambience of your garden. So you need your garden free of all such obstacles that may come your way to own a green space that is not just pleasant but clutter free as well.


Set a budget

Even your garden requires some extra care, and thus you will certainly need some money to prevent your yard from turning into a jungle. Many people do not have an idea about landscape budget and turn out to be optimistic in their approach, thus consulting a pro can be a way out to plan a proper budget in terms of money and time to revamp your backyard. Hence, waste clearance West Lothian can help you in making your garden look amazingly beautiful. Also, if you have a big heap of work done, then you need to realise getting things right is not a one day’s job thus it is better to break down the project into smaller ones. You can divide the revamping work into pieces and prioritise it accordingly to get started. Moving from front to back is an effective way as the front yard is the first thing to be seen by the visitors.


Planning out the fixtures and plantations

You need to figure out the length and breadth of your garden according to which you will design your green space. You need to find out the regular passage path of your kids, pets, etc. so that you can map your plants and fixtures accordingly. You can also consider infringing the visibility from your neighbour’s house by planting trees which can act as barriers cutting down the eavesdropping factor.


Plan out specific areas

You may have a whole lot of work lying ahead of you and you are not expected to complete in one night. Give time to yourself and garden and handle things with patience rather than just rushing with it. Divide your work, plan out specific areas in which you will start your jungle to garden conversion chores. This will help you in defeating the tasks, and you will also enjoy moving in a sequence completing one area after the other rather than proceeding in a haphazard manner. Also, a finished piece of area free from weeds and unwanted plants will motivate you to keep up your good work and to focus on your clearance task. If you cannot do it alone, you can also consider seeking help from the professionals of waste clearance West Lothian to accomplish your task in a quick time.



Every garden may be different in its own way and may require a different kind of care and treatment. Weeding is the fundamental procedure that you can use to save your green space from turning into a jungle. Removing unwanted grass, weeds, plant bed can be done manually to improvise your gardens. Plucking the mulched, edging the lawn and trimming dead parts of the plants are few other things that you can do to work the magic of getting rid of undesired and unwanted grumbles. Overgrown hedges explicit a messy look and thus trimming them right is the only way to transform your gardens.


Segregating your plants

Though this may sound a bit tricky and may leave you in a dicey situation, but you have to get over the unwanted plants. You have to decide on which ones to keep and the ones to discard so that your garden is revived and breathes out fresh. Dead plants occur gradually with the passage of time, and thus you are expected to free your space from these kinds of unwanted stuff. And, remember doing it once is not all, you have to keep a regular check on the plants that are of no use. After clearing your garden from the unwanted plants, you can proceed further clearing the paved paths and designing your garden.

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Renovating your paradise

Once you are done with all the basic steps of freeing your jungle from weeds and brambles, you can move ahead to renew and escalate your garden area. You can make use of all your creativity and ideas to transform your backyard into a place where you can simply sit down with a glass of lemonade in hand to relax amidst the lap of nature. An overgrown garden can spoil the show, but a well maintained green paradise can give you all the reasons to have a smile on your face.


So now since you know all the basic hacks of preventing your gardens from becoming a jungle when are you planning to start off with it? Though it may cost you some amount of money but it becomes worth it when you get to put an easy chair in your backyard relaxing from the core of your heart.

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