7 Ways to Welcome your Students on the First Day of Class



After almost two months of vacation, students have to return to the routine of school life. It is a difficult task that must be tackled gradually and patiently. Therefore, taking into account the period of adaptation of the students, it is recommended that on the first day quiet activities and low academic content should be carried out, such as presentations by classmates and subject matter, dynamic to know the classroom rules, to know the methodologies:

Welcoming students is essential to create an environment of trust, positivity, participation and, above all, learning. That is why it is important that you prepare with dedication these first days. Remember that these will mark the trajectory and dynamics that will take place during the rest of the course. If you are still not sure what activities to schedule for the first day of class, here are 7 ways to welcome your students in the classroom:

  • Greetings at the door of the class:Welcoming your students with a personalized greeting on entering the classroom will improve the student’s feeling of belonging to the group. In addition, this type of dynamics can give you extra information about your students such as their mood and personality. You can also make each day a different student who greets the rest of classmates. With this, you can observe social and emotional relationships.
  • Motivational speech:Introducing yourself to the new group with a motivational talk that makes them feel important and arouses curiosity about the subject can be the beginning of a great course.
  • Suggestions box:Taking into account the opinion of our students and families is very important. Students spend many hours at school so you have to ensure that they feel good and comfortable within the provided infrastructures, classmates and other facilities. Also, you should give the families tools so that they can participate in the education of their sons and daughters. The suggestion box is a great resource that can be adapted to many situations and subjects to enhance the participation of all educational agents in order to improve social relationships among peers.
  • Presentation dynamics:On the first day is almost a mandatory activity to present various dynamics to learn the names of all the classmates. But it is not necessary to do it in a boring way but there are infinite dynamics to learn the names at the same time that the group has fun, works cohesion and other social skills.
  • An initial test:Many teachers like to know the academic level of their students. But welcoming your students with a test is not a highly recommended option. Leave it for a little later! The first day, make a joke announcing an initial test, although, in reality, the test consists of a few simple questions to meet your students, their interests, their aspirations, their strengths, and weaknesses, what they expect from the subject. You can also assign students to write an assignment related to their field of interest. Make sure you get completely involved in providing assignment help Melbourne to the students if they need it.
  • Contest to evaluate previous knowledge of the subject:Continuing with the previous point, if you want to assess what your students know about your subject test it through a fun activity. Passing an exam as soon as you start the course, makes the students feel nervous and questioned which makes the environment tenser. We all know that to learn students need good classroom environment!
  • Kudos:In the first days of the course it is interesting to propose your dynamic to the students so that throughout the course they maintain the motivation to learn, to get the reward and to recognize the good actions that are carried out within the classroom, in both academic and social activities. Kudos is a business strategy that can adapt perfectly to classrooms. It is about being available to students at any given time.
  • We know that the first day of class is a time of tension and nerves for you but that it is also full of enthusiasm and desire to meet your new students and teach them everything you know. Surely your group will be delighted to have a teacher like you!

Although we have given you some ideas, surely you can come up with other very creative and suitable activities for the first day of class. Dare to share resources and ideas to other teachers can give a great welcome to your students!



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