9 Tricks To Bring Huge Traffic At Your Exhibition Stand

Your trade booth success totally dependant on the number of visitors at your stand. But, what are the tactics that can help you to drive the attendees to your exhibition stand? There are a lot of factors along with booth design. Here in this article, you will find the unique practices and all these techniques will fall inside your budget.

The main objective of trade expo to earn more and spend less.

1. Conduct Competitions

We all know that bespoke stand design is really important to catch the attention of visitors and Competition with awards can be tempting and easily drive a huge volume of traffic at your stand. But make sure competition must be aligned with product and brand.

These competitions must help in brand awareness and promotion. You can also start the competition on social media before the event starts as it will help you in spreading awareness and creating a buzz at your stand during the show. Don’t forget to announce the prize.

2. Take Help Of Photo Booths

Photo Booths at Your exhibition stand can be a great center of attraction. Take pictures of the visitors with your booth and stream them online to create a good impression by your booth design.

Your attendees will love to click awesome pictures at your photo booth. You can use these picture even after the completion of a trade show for marketing purpose.

3. Spread Knowledge

The best way to generate leads is to share more knowledge and exchange contact details. Write articles, blogs, informative content and answer the queries of your audience.

In short, spread more and more information so that attendees get the relevant data related to the expo and also tell why they should stop at your booth.

4. Offline Appeal

We know that more than half the world is online but offline advertising tactics are still powerful. Before the show, personally meet the valuable customers and invite them to attend your exhibition stand. It will not only drive huge traffic but also generate a long-term relationship.

5. Leverage Social Advertisements

It is another best technique to get an edge over your competitors. You can take the help of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many other things.

With the help of Twitter ads, you can target the specific group of the audience which is relevant for your product. Write attractive posts, CTAs and bring more customers to your booth.

6. Offer Good Customer Service

Treat well your customers and they will surely come again. At a trade show, you will have a great opportunity to help attendees at the event. Share the information on tweeter like the complete address of the event, availability of wi-fi or charging service at your booth and people will start recognizing your brand over social media.

If possible then also provide a relaxing lounge where they sit and have a good round of conversation with you. Your event booth design should not attractive but functional as well. Therefore you can take the help of professionals who help in designing bespoke exhibition stands UK.

7. Charity Can Shift The Perception

Charity is a good thing and you can donate to charity and instantly shift the attitude of your audience. They will consider your brand generous and start showing their trust. If you want to have more attendees at your booth then donate and start doing social advertisement.

8. Take Help Of Premium Ads On Social Media

Do you know that premium ads offer various features to increase social engagement? This is a great way to get more target audience at your stand.

But be careful while writing your message in social ads because it will be going to create a huge impact. if you write weak messages then they will fail to add a lot of value. Therefore you must write highly effective messages.

9. Mini Live Show

At your stand, you can arrange a few chairs and one good speaker form your company who is capable to engage more people. If people like that topic interesting then it will take a few minutes to gather enormous people around your stand. You can extend the show on audience’s demand. No investment and high result- it is really a great idea.

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