A Cheap Pressure Washer “The Real Deal”



Most industries have secrets … these are secrets about industry practices that are never in the best interests of consumers. This is why the book format ‘insider reveals everything’ sells so many books. Unfortunately for the unsuspecting consumer, the high pressure cleaning industry is no different. So what secret could this industry hide?

Let me answer this as directly as I can … is the secret of the cheap high-pressure cleaner known in the industry as the ‘disposable unit’.

The disposable unit is simply the manufacture of a high-pressure cleaner whose design and construction has no intended value for the consumer’s … period.

A well-developed and built high-pressure cleaner has almost unlimited applications for both the homeowner and the business owner used pressure washing jax. It really is a versatile technical marvel.

The question that is likely to be asked now is “why should manufacturers manufacture disposable units?”

The answer is really simple … EASY MONEY! Many manufacturers understand that the average consumer has literally no idea what the manufacture of a reliable pressure washer system entails, and this is something they can easily benefit from.

As a former owner of a tool rental center for 15 years, I can personally attest to Joe’s general lack of knowledge when it comes to high-pressure cleaners.

A disposable unit is designed to achieve one thing and only one thing … an extremely low price! The marketing equation is:

lower price = easier sales

After all, the consumer is not to blame here, after all, how does he know it?

The high-pressure cleaning industry as a whole was to be classified as a fragmented industry. Today, there are many excellent manufacturers in the market, but there are many who, in my opinion, qualify much less than that because of the lack of market integrity or production expertise and in some cases even both. Those with the will to impose products that are openly subordinate to an unsuspecting audience are a general casualty of a fine and mostly ethical industry.

Seeing this general lack of consumer awareness day after day for 15 years is what motivated me to develop my website The-Power-Washer-Advisor. The main mission of this site is to close the knowledge gap and do my small part to help dry the market for these high pressure cleaners.

Want to see some high-pressure cleaners? … Just go to eBay and type the words high pressure cleaner in the search box. What you will see are a lot of “new” high pressure cleaners, mainly at ridiculously low prices. Real good deals, right? Not really … eBay turns out to be the biggest showcase for disposable cleaners fitted somewhere.

It is really easy enough for a manufacturer to remove the quality of a high pressure cleaner to get a price, especially when the consumer has no idea what to look for.

Let’s analyze this for a moment. It allows reverse design in the distribution chain to achieve a cost basis for a manufacturer. High-pressure manufacturer X sells its high-pressure cleaners to its distributor with a gain of 24% (some sell more, I don’t think many would dare to sell at a lower price). Now, the average distributor will get about 30% if he is interested in “value price”. So, if the distributor’s cost is $ 500, it’s likely to sell for $ 649 well so far, but how much did it actually cost the manufacturer to produce?

$ 500 with a 24% profit means this manufacturer achieved all components, provided labor to assemble and test the final product, and covered its costs for a total cost of $ 403 … and with a profit of $ 97 It provides a solid guarantee and excellent support service … a pretty bad feat if you stop and think about it.

When consulting eBay today, I found these prices at $ 129.99, $ 70.00 and $ 33.99 using our previous example, this would constitute a cost basis for manufacturers (now when I think about it … who the hell knows?) At prices like these, do you really believe you can afford a credible warranty program or service support to speak? Surely I would have a few full-screen pixels if I thought they did. In fact, they may even be out of service for the three or four months it will take before this high-pressure cleaner breaks down.

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