A Complete Guide For Men To Look Classy In Full Sleeve T-Shirts



If you are a guy and you are confused between wearing a shirt or a t-shirt, then we have a better suggestion. How about a full sleeve t-shirt? Generally, men are in the dilemma to choose proper upper body clothing which can look good with any jeans or trousers. While a few guys believe that shirts should be reserved for separate occasions, the other halves aren’t very comfortable showing their not so worked-up arms. Of course, not everyone is John Cena here!

As for the full sleeve t-shirts for men, they serve a dual purpose. They give you the relaxed and casual feel of a t-shirt, and they contain your upper body like a shirt. Also, it’s not mandatory to wear a full sleeve t-shirt with your sleeves rolled down, as you can always roll them up to exhibit a good sense of style. Let’s find out more ways to rock it in a full sleeve t-shirt.

While buying the tees, men are generally focused on the design, and they pay little heed to the other parameters like length and stitch. Ideally, your full-sleeve tee shouldn’t go below your jeans pockets, and it shouldn’t be above your buckles either. If you wear a tee too short or too long, no matter how good is the design, it won’t look good.

All of us have different body types, and the garment manufacturers know it very well. That’s why they have different kinds of fits like regular fit, slim fit, and the skinny fit. We believe it’s not very tough to find out which one will suit your body type. If you have managed to keep a flat stomach and you have broad shoulders, then we recommend you to go for the slim fit. Otherwise, if you are on the heavier side or if you have comparatively less mass on your upper body, then you should go for the regular fit and skinny fit respectively.

A full sleeve doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to wear it that way. An excellent way to convert your ordinary full sleeve tee into super looking clothing is just by rolling up your sleeves in broad folds. If you know how to master-roll your shirt, then you have to do it precisely the same way. Not only does it give a funky look to your dress, but it also creates an illusion of broader arms.

Polo, round or V? Well, let your body type decide it. If you have a narrow face and sloped shoulders, you can go with the round neck. Those with a round face and broad shoulders can highlight their best features by wearing a V, and those with a lean frame can try putting on polo. For the jackpot style, all the guys can try the Henleys. A Henley gives you a unique style, and it can be combined with denim to complete the look.

Finally, you should be clear about your choice of colour and textures as they also have equal importance. If you are wondering who is that stylish guy who can generally be seen sporting a full sleeve t-shirt, we will give you a hint. Wear it like Beckham!

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