A-Level Past Papers-One Stop Solution To Crack The Exam

A-Level Past Papers-One Stop Solution To Crack The Exam

I was a student of A-level in Pakistan in 2019. I passed this exam with excellent marks that helped me to seek admission in the medical college. I want to share my experience with all of you that how I prepare for A-level examinations and how I manage to secure A* in chemistry and biology. I always dream to be a doctor not because it is a noble profession but also I could feel a sense of humanity and sympathy in my heart for the poor people of my country. Chemistry and Biology are not a cup of tea and it was a Gordian task for me to pass these subjectswith good marks. I was very worried as my concepts were vague and I could not properly understand the mechanisms of reaction and particularly inorganic chemistry portion.

Get full access to all past papers of A-level:

It was December and I had already wasted too much time. I had just 6 months to crack the game. I browsed to find an authentic online source to start preparation from home. Firstly I checked the updated syllabi to start from scratch. I searched for A-level past papers and I easily found past papers of all subjects. The past papers have a tremendous impact to grab maximum marks because they help students to get to know about the latest trends and questions being asked in the University Of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES).

Prepare 40% portion with online quiz session:

The online quiz session helped me to focus on the least prepared areas of Biology and Chemistry. I always face a problem managing time while solving the MCQ portion. The online quiz session prepared me well and luckily 90% MCQ came from it. I just marked the answers at first glance. Every MCQ was justified practically.

Justified and comprehensive answers based on research work:

The A-level past papers helped me to find out my shortcomings and I worked for them. The answers were explained in complete detail and supported with scientific shreds of evidence. The content shared by them was totally reliable and 100% genuine. All the questions were answered in a compressive manner. I assisted me to prepare for the answers that the examiners are actually looking for.

Develop critical learning skills:

I analyzed that a critical thinking skill was developed in me to tackle different problems while solving papers. By preparing through IGCSE past papers, I was confident and self-sufficient to appear for my exams without fear of being getting fail. I also kept on checking the principal examiner’s report because in the end the success rate depends on it. Through this platform, I learned multiple techniques to distinguish my paper from the rest of the candidates.

Quick revision saves your time:

It was comfortable for me to revise the entire syllabus in less duration of time without joining any academy. It not only saved my time but also my money. I recommend all the candidates to prepare IGCSE past papers to secure good marks.