When it comes to flooring, everyone has its preference. Before to use any flooring materials you like, it’s better if you involve expert’s advice. If you have a place that will have heavy traffic, its advisable to use vinyl flooring materials because of its ability to reduce noise. Below are the types of vinyl flooring with their advantages;


The main advantage of Vinyl is its ability to reduce noise. This feature makes the tires suitable for high traffic areas. Vinyl flooring tires used in commercial building and household. The tires are durable and inexpensive than ceramic tile or hardwood flooring.

Vinyl tires are available in different colors, patterns and designs that make it easy for decoration. Luxury vinyl tires have texture partner that makes it look real like stones. The design looks natural and attractive. The floor made with Vinyl tires are easy to maintain and cleaning, you don’t need to wax or scrub the floor during cleaning. Speaking of durability, mostly commercial building and household prefer vinyl tires in areas of high traffic because they can stand high traffic, in areas like conference rooms, clubs, kitchen, bathrooms and laundry rooms. Affordable and easy to install, you can install Vinyl tires on top of the other floor without removing it.


Heterogeneous PVC floors are produced by layer-upon-layer principle. They can be with a foamy sub layer – so-called warm floor or without foamy sub layer so-called compact PVC. A foamy layer serves as a sound and thermal insulator. The surface of this type of floors is designed either by the printing or by surface treatment (surface texture). Resistance to friction and wear is directly proportional to the thickness of the outer layer made of PVC coating over printed designs (wear layer thickness). Polyurethane final coating contributes to high hygienic standards.

The aesthetic potential of heterogeneous PVC flooring is vast. Different colors, patterns, imitations of stone, wood, metal, glass, different dimensions and panel shapes, shimmer and so on are used in heterogeneous PVC designs. This type of PVC can be combined with other flooring materials and is used in housing, commercial and industrial spaces.


Homogeneous vinyl flooring is made up with a single layer of flooring material and glued on the surface of the floor, the materials mostly used in schools, healthcare and public buildings. Advantages of Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring are;

1. High performance
2. Suitable for Heavy Duty traffic areas
3. Single Layered High PVC
4. Calendared and Pressed
5. Mostly Group T wear rating*
6. 100% Hygienic
7. No Contamination
8. No Bacteria Development
9. Mostly Antistatic*
10. Absolute Stain Resistant*
11. Chemical Resistant*
12. Made up of 100% Virgin Vinyl*
13. Highest Indoor Air Quality
14. VOC Compliant
15. to maintain
16. Very Long Lasting
17. 100% Water Proof
18. Unidirectional designs


ESD – Static Control Flooring is a conductive flexible homogeneous vinyl floor covering available in sheet and tile form. The 2mm homogeneous material incorporates carbon encapsulated granule conductive carbon coated PVC pellets throughout its full thickness and has a conductive backing to ensure optimal throughout its full life expectancy on sheet and tile form respectively. It acts as a continuous conductive and complies with EN 649.

Suitable for Hi-tech applications, electronics and telecommunication areas, computer rooms, operating theatres, radiology, server rooms, etc.


Commercial vinyl tiles are a high-performance flooring solution suitable for Heavy Duty traffic areas. Square in Size (12″ x 12″), 2mm in thickness makes it highly durable, also is easy to maintain, long-lasting and 100% waterproof.

All Vinyl flooring materials are available in our Floor Deal, call us or text us to get what is suitable for you.

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