Alcohol abuse; a detrimental practice for the health of the consumers

The consumption of alcohol is being practised since the time immemorial. There are people who consume alcohol on a regular basis but in the limited and minimal quantity. But there are others who have become alcohol addicts and are consuming it daily in large quantities. As a consequence, they destroy their life and relations with their family members. However, there are people who want to quit the habit of drinking alcohol embrace peace and happiness in their lives once again.

For those aspirants, the Alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai is available in several locations to assist them in achieving their goals. Various treatment and amenities are available in such rehabs in order to refrain the patients to consume alcohol ever again in their lifetime.

It is suggested by some medical experts that the consumption of alcohol in small quantity occasionally is less harmful than the one who finds it difficult to miss a single day without boozing and end up developing several cumulative effects in their bodies.

Here are some detriments that regular consumption of alcohol may pose:

1. Digestive issues

The foremost harm is being done to the digestive system of the human body which is one of the integral internal organs of the body. The digestive system could get harm in a way that no other food will be able to digest properly and the body could suffer from the lack of essential nutrients. Also, the abnormal activation of the internal digestive enzymes can happen. The excessive amount of such enzymes can cause inflammation called pancreatitis.  This inflammation could be a long term condition that could also cause several complications.

The commonly seen digestive health issues are:

  • Gastric problems
  • Bloating
  • Painful stools or constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • A feeling of fullness in the abdomen

2. Circulatory system

The effect of alcohol could also be seen in the heart and lungs of the chronic drinkers. These people have a higher risk of heart-related issues as compared to the people who do not consume alcohol. Also, it is believed that women are more prone to develop heart-related diseases in contrast to the men who drink. The complications could be in the form of severe high blood pressure, which could be a cause of brain hammering in the long run. Also, the irregular heartbeat and the difficulty in pumping the blood throughout the body is generally seen in the alcohol consumers. Consequently, it may lead to an increase in the chances of strokes and heart attack in severe conditions.

While keeping in mind the ill effects of the chronic consumption of alcohol, the people should avoid such pursuits and try their best to spend a healthy and blissful life. The alcohol rehab centres are working, in the same way, to enable drinkers by providing adequate treatment and the counselling sessions by the experts, to quit the harmful habit and develop a healthy lifestyle.