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The giant globe Earth is exploited by people that have categorized themselves by labels known as race, religion, culture and languages. The process of mingling and transferring their thoughts and actions to one another is called Networking. If we split this term for a better understanding it will be ‘net’ and ‘working’. The net is the combination of several threads and the effort required for its making give it a collective term as networking.

And as we continue to exchange ideas and information with our customers and business associates we are also on the verge of losing this valuable information as there are hackers and intruders constantly trying to make ways to our valuable system. It’s when managed computer networking services comes into action. Which not only helps you to restore and retrieve valuable data and information of our customers but also guides us to use the social and networking in such a manner that no breach in security could take place and if someone is able to make a trespassing then these managed network security services helps to save all our data and records and on demand can serve as with the detailed information.

There are many benefits of using managed computer networking services as they helps us to build a better customer relationship and allows the trust of the customers rein stored in our loyal dealership in exchange of information. The modern advancement in technology has leaded to many such security issues but with the assistance of managed security services at our disposal we able to maintain the security and sensitivity of our clients.

But, before we could look at the computer networking services and how they help us to grow our business here is a brief look at the types of computer networking and its function.

The type of telecommunication in which exchange of data and resources takes place from one computer to another and the primary source through which they are connected is Internet.

Types of Computer Networks

Computer Network falls mainly into three types based on the size of the Area. These types are:

  • Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)
  • Wide Area Network (WAN)

Local Area Network

  • this network is commonly used in schools, hospitals etc
  • As it’s a small web of computer, the data and information shared is secure and access to the outside is not permissible
  • As it is small in size, speed is faster and a good connection is achieved
  • LAN is available in both forms, wireless and wired connections

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

  • It covers a larger area compared to LAN’s
  • It is supplied in metropolitan Areas, means within Metropolitan area there are many LAN’s and all the LAN’s are supported by MAN in that particular area.
  • It provides the network for the city and town

Wide Area Network (WAN)

  • The transmission of data for the long distances and larger distances is achieved through WAN”s
  • It covers country or can give the connection within the world
  • The common example of a WAN is the Internet, 3G and 4G
  • In WAN, there is no need to save and backup the data as all the data is stored on an online data store (primary source) from where it can be accessed.
  • It the most expensive connection as the installation fee is high compared to others.
  • It may encounter viruses as larger amount of computers are attached to it

Computer Network Features

  • Performance
  • Storage
  • Data Sharing
  • Security
  • Backup
  • Reliable
  • Hardware and Software Compatibility

Computer Network Components

A computer network functions with the combination of different components. These components allows the transfer and processing of data smoothly and helps to carry a smooth communication. The components of computer network are:

  • Modem (program that helps computer to transmit the data)
  • Router( It provides internet connection to multiple computer networks)
  • Cables (wires connected to computers and printers or to computers)
  • Switch(a device that connects all the computer and it uses the physical device to transfer the request to the server computer)
  • Server(computers that runs the operating system and has the data can be shared over the computer network)
  • Client( it is the computer that receives the data sent by the server computer)
  • Network Interface Card( every computer that is connected to the network has this NIC card which purpose is to format, sent and receive the data at the receiving node)

Computer Services

Computer has been used drastically in almost all the businesses and has solved numerous time taking issues and helped people to interact and share their information and data easily. It provides a wide range of services in the business and development world. The services of computer are

Sharing files

  • Provide user interaction
  • Provides and runs multiple software at a time
  • Runs and accomplish results by the data processing ● printing

Network Service

It is an application that runs on and above the application layer which functions to store the data and its presentation, helps in manipulation, communication with the clients and server. The server and client are connected through these applications and has removed the requirement of physical contact. Now the business work or the transfer of the information can be processed worldwide and the connections given by computer networking are lifesavers.

Computer Network Services has played an efficient role in the field of Information Technology (IT). It has given advanced solutions in IT environment to enhance the business productivity and help the server and client achieve their targets and increase the development.

Hence Computer Networking has spread its wings in majority of the business and developments. It provides devices that helps in data exchange with others using connection nodes which are also called data links. The links that has made this exchange of data easy are cables, wireless connections, bluetooth and wifi. Video calling, audio calling, printing, scanning, storing, world wide web etc are all the applications that are functioning because of the computer networks. Access to any information, accessing data by sitting at any place and running different programs is only possible because of this spectacular technology known as Computer Networking.

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