Apextronic Manufacture Advance Audio System PCBA

Audio system PCBA

We are Manufacturing Headphone/Audio Amplifier by using self-designed PCBA. Audio system PCBA is mainly designed for amplifying the audio from the headphones but we can also use it for amplifying the subwoofer or speaker output, just by switching few jumpers. When we use headphones with our audio device like mobile, laptop etc, the power is sufficient for normal user but not sufficient for loud music listeners or sometimes we get very low sound from some devices. This circuit can also be used as audio amplifier to amplify the Subwoofer output and can be powered by a portable battery, so the user can carry it anywhere and it. Check the complete details below.

  • We are the top Manufacturer of PCB Board, electric circuit Board, Electric Amplifiers, PCB Assembly, etc. We have a dedicated team of highly talented and efficient professionals who are well-versed in their respective roles and responsibilities. Most companies specializing in audio PCBA need the design file of the PCB to start out, along with any other design notes and specific requirements. This is that the PCB assembly company will check the PCB file for any problems which will have an effect on the PCB’s practicality or manufacturability.
  • We solder paste itself is a grayish substance consisting of tiny balls of metal, also known as solder. The solder pastes mixes solder with a flux, which is a chemical designed help the solder melt and bond to a surface. Solder paste seems as a gray paste and should be applied to the board at precisely the right places and in exactly the correct amounts. In a professional PCBA line, a mechanical fixture holds the PCB and solder stencil in place.
  • An applier then places solders paste on the supposed areas in precise amounts. The machine then spreads the paste across the stencil, applying it equally to each open space. After removing the stencil, the solder paste remains within the supposed locations. The printed circuit board is additionally known as a written wiring board, PCB for short. What’s additional, PCB is an important electronic component, it’s a supporter of electronic components and electrical connections.
  • So the reason why known as printed circuit board is that creating with electronic printing. PCB plays a role in avoiding the mistakes of manual wiring, implementing automatic plug-in or mounting of electronic components soldering tin, and testing as the consistency of PCB, also it has a smart quality for electronic devices, improves the labor productivity and saves the cost so that repair after PCB is used in the electronic devices.
  • We printed circuit board keeps the own trends from single layer to double layer, multilayer and flexible. It are often seen that PCB encompasses a nice boom within the developing method of electronic devices with the event of PCB towards high exactness, high density, and reliability, and doing well in saving the cost, improving the properties and shortening the volume.

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