Applications of Trigonometry in Real Life

Applications of Trigonometry in Real Life

Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that deals with the study of the relationship between angle, length and height of a triangle. It has a lot of applications in diverse fields like engineering, surveying, architecture, physics, astronomy, medical imaging, oceanography, game development etc. In some situations, trigonometry may not have direct application in resolving the practical issues. Let us discuss how the applications of trigonometry are used in our daily life.

Trigonometry in Construction

In construction, trigonometry is used to determine the lengths of some elements of the building as well as the distance and angles between the components. It is used to find how the force and stress are directed along with the support of the building. Sometimes inverse trigonometric functions of sine and cosine functions are also used to find the measures of parts.

Trigonometry in Games

In gaming theory, trigonometry is extensively used in the development of the game. It is used in writing the programs for the movement of the object by designing sets, characters, sceneries.

Trigonometry in Physics

To get the angular momentum and the movement of objects, trigonometry is required in physics. To understand the behaviour of the light waves, it plays an important role. Sin, cos and tan functions are used in physics concepts like dynamics, kinematics, vectors etc.

Trigonometry in Biology

To determine the three-dimensional molecules like DNA, vitamins, and proteins, X-ray crystallography technique is used. When X-ray is passed through the crystal it is diffracted according to the crystal structure. To determine the angle, trigonometry is used.

Trigonometry In Engineering

Civil and mechanical engineers routinely use trigonometric functions to calculate the angles. With the help of trigonometric functions, they used to find the force and torque on objects, such as building girders, bridges etc.

Apart from the applications of trigonometry in the real world, many concepts from mathematics like probability, sequences and series, calculus, algebra, geometry, combinatoricsetc have huge applications in various disciplines. Experimenting with mathematics in everyday situations improves our logical and decision-making skill that makes our life easier.

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