Artificial Intelligence: The use of modern technology

With technology at its best, it is possible to check various activities easily.  The large scale cloud hosted artificial intelligence platform offered by Google; it has become a much easier job for the app developer to integrate the feature in their app focusing on the various segment of the visual field like images & videos.

Currently looking into the scenario the most of the internet user are equipped with high quality of mobile camera images producing high content of images/videos content every day, this is majorly categorized into filtering, editing & parsing the image data is a typical use case. With A.I offering from cloud-based platforms, users get a lot of powerful tools to.

The use of technology has made it easy for professional video makers and analysts to finish a huge task in a little time. The video recognition AI can be the best option for professionals who have to deal with various videos every day. They can use this technology for editing and analysis in different types of videos they come across whether it is informational one or an event.

The technology:

This technology is simple to use, but when it comes to offering the result, it is as good as the analysis or editing is done by a professional only. Hence one can carry out the task in a limited period with desired quality if he has got the retail video analytics solution. This task is a little tricky and needs a professional expert, but with the help of AI, one can get it done in almost no time.

Hence for the professional video makers of editors, the technology has proven as a blessing. This technology is still spreading its wings, and hence in coming years one can find a lot of improvement where the use of manual editing can be abolished completely, and an individual can take the task of editing on the basis of machine only where the machine will be assigned the concerned task of editing and the same will be carried out without any trouble by the technology.


The 1st & foremost feature us image labelling of a given image based on different tags. Another factor is of face, logo, text and landmark detection with detection of explicit content as well as a Google search.

Video Analytics

The benefits one can look at include the analysis of the huge amount of data that is captured through various devices. One of the notable ways of gaining such valuable sight is through the video analytics data captured by optimally placed in store cameras. One can note the movement of people, and with the use of AI, one can spot any suspicious movement which can help the user get the unwanted activity under a check.

Its basic motive of the queue management algorithms provides the count of people in the long queue along with the time. It can calculate the delay for a particular queue. Hence the top management while going through the video can understand the scenarios at the desk of the store and take necessary action to set the things right.

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