Avoid Some Mistakes While Choosing Thermos Bottle



All economically – and environmentally conscious people look for reusable bottle options. Often, they go for vacuum or thermos bottles as it helps in keeping the hot drinks hot and cold things cold because of insulation. Thus, if you are carrying chilled juice in it during summer, you can have it cold and if you are storing coffee then you will find it steaming hot to sip even after hours.

However, when you are choosing a thermos bottle, there are few mistakes to avoid. Read on to find out what they are.

Not Choosing a Bottle with Leak-Proof Lid

If you are buying a thermos bottle, you are likely to be carrying it in your backpack when you are on the go. If you pick a bottle that doesn’t have a proper leak-proof lid, then you can’t carry it in your schoolbags, handbags or gym bags. The whole purpose of buying it would get lost if you can’t store your juices, smoothies or coffee in it to have after a work-out or during a lunch break in school. Thus, don’t make the mistake of not picking a thermos bottle with leak-resistant cap.

Not Paying Attention to Material Quality

A glass or a metal thermos bottle is always recommended. Picking an inferior quality material bottle, which doesn’t work as an insulating storage container, will allow the transfer of heat or cold through it by conduction or convection. Thus, the liquid stored in it will lose its hotness or coldness and it will not be worth buying it. Buying a thermos bottle made of low-grade plastic can even result in leaching of harmful chemicals into the stored liquid, which can then be toxic to consume. As glass bottles are heavy and pose the risk of getting broken, it makes more sense to go with bottles made of metals like stainless steel.

Not Opting for a Bottle with Double Wall Insulation

It’s important that you buy a thermos bottle with double wall insulation. Even the outside temperature does not affect the stored liquid because of this double wall. It also keeps the outer body of the flask heat or sweat-proof so that you can safely place it in your bag. Its double stainless steel wall keeps the liquid inside warm or cold for a longer duration.

Not Picking the Right Bottle Design

The designing of cooking appliances and bottles is extremely important to consider. The bottle should be designed in a compact and sleek manner so that it is easy to store, to fit in the bag and carry around. If you don’t pick a suitably designed bottle, it is not likely to be convenient to use.

These are a few of the mistakes to avoid while choosing a thermos bottle. Also, if cutting down on single-use plastic is one of your resolutions and you want something that is not bad for health, then reusable thermos bottle is an ideal solution. You can use it for storing both hot and cold drinks. There are various types of bottles available in the market, but you should always choose them wisely.

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