Babbitt White Metal Services



RA Power Solutions manufactures Babbitt white metal under the strict metallurgical control. The equipments used for manufacturing of Babbitt white metal are of latest design. This results to the Babbitt white metal having sufficient softness for brilliant conformability and embeddability, thereby offering fine fluid-forming properties.

The main feature of Babbitt white metal is that they are easily cast, can be rigidly bonded to cast iron, steel or bronze. The Babbitt metal has property of excellent bonding and is corrosion resistance.

The selection of right grade of Babbitt white metal, design of the bearing and proper assembly will give effective service and long life to the white metal Babbitt bearing. Babbitt bearings has low coefficient of friction, principally achieved by two ways. First, there is the fact that the bearing itself has a low coefficient of friction so still without lubrication, a Babbitt bearing will have a smaller amount of friction than another metal such as cast iron, steel, etc. Though, by adding lubrication Babbitt bearings can have a significantly low coefficient of friction – even lower than ball bearings in some cases and application.

The Babbitt white metal is manufactured by RA Power Solutions is widely used for various applications including engines, power plants, heavy machinery, etc.

Apart from domestic market we export the Babbitt material of different grades to all over the world like Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Jordan, Estonia, United Kingdom, Poland, Italy, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Romania, Sweden, France, Malta, Turkey, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, South America, Yemen, Oman, Iran, Egypt, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nigeria, Senegal, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, Sri-Lanka, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Russia, Holland, Dubai, Ukraine and etc.

Our quality standards of Babbitt white metal meet the international specifications and we are priced competitively.

The Babbitt white metal manufactured by us is also used in-house for rebabbitting of bearings and manufacturing of large white metal bearings, rebabbitting of babbitt bearings up to the inner diameter of 1500 mm. We undertake repair of white metal babbitt bearings as well.

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