Benefits Of Turnkey Interior Contracting

What is Turnkey?

Turnkey is a term which refers to a service where the Project Manager takes the responsibility of the entire process. The process starts from the beginning to designing, to manufacturing, to completion to the set-up. This includes communications and transactions with designers, civil engineers, electrical and plumbing contractors, painters, labourers, welders, etc. Precisely, turnkey is a one stop all destinations for the client.

Features of hiring a turnkey contractors –

Mentioned below are some of the features of hiring a Turnkey Contractors in Gurgaon:-

  1. Design Needs – Turnkey service contractor is well qualified to know the needs of your design completely. As per your requirements, he should be competent enough to understand the processes from the design stage to a completion stage and in a position to execute it properly. For example, if it is commercial space, he should be aware that the project needs to be functional and ergonomic leading to a productive work environment. In a turnkey interior contracting, the design and implementation always goes together.
  2. Cost Reduction – Since the project manager is in charge of designing, manufacturing and installation, it saves you time and money. Best Turnkey Interior Designers make use of this opportunity and make overall discounts from the vendors on separate services which results in a reduction in the overall costs of the project. When the project has been outsourced you need not hire internal employees for the project execution which leads to a reduction in the weightage on the company’s payroll.
  3. Single Invoice and payment – There are no chances of multiple invoices or payments. By hiring a single turnkey service provider you do not have to worry about numerous vendors, quotes and negotiations. Contractors will help you in easily keeping a track of your payments along with the budget while streaming the entire project.
  4. Better Quality – It is easy to commit to a higher quality outcome when you have a single manager to handle your project from the start to the end. The Project contractor can easily  set the level of quality needed from each team like design, manufacturing and installation from the beginning so that all of them give a good quality leading to superior quality of delivery for the entire project.
  5. Fixed timeline – Turnkey interior project is planned in advance and this ensures systematic implementation of the processes. A specific time period is allocated in every step and hence the project is delivered in the specified time. In the beginning itself, all the details and processes are finalized hence there is less time needed for approvals and thus there is quick delivery of the report.
  6. Single Responsibility – In a turnkey interior contracting, the complete responsibility of the project is owned by a single on or company. The client has lesser liability and they only have to ensure that the service provider has everything need to complete the project from the beginning to the end. The client need not worry if there are any gaps during the implementation and deal with multiple vendors as the turnkey contractor will take care of everything. The project contractor is responsible for delivering the project as agreed upon in the contract from the beginning to the end.

Turnkey interior contractor is good both for the client and project manager.

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