Best Business Ideas from Home in India

Starting a business from your home is just comfortable and enjoyable; here you are the boss of yourself. In India, people want to start their business from their own home, many women, housewives; collage students can earn good money from their home depending on their skills. Some business ideas from home can change your life and you can start this with zero investment or very low investment.

There are massive and best business ideas in India that any man or woman can choose to do it and able to make lots of money. But before starting business you should think very much about the business and choose the best or right business that takes you on the peak of success.

Here we will provide you some successful business ideas that may help you to start a business:


In India, many housewives, women depend on sewing business and doing this job they can look after their families. To expand this sewing business you can buy sewing machines for your local housewives or college girls, training them to fitting clothes. To begin this business you need low investment for buying sewing machines, and for setting them in a place and also need good skill in sewing. You can earn good money from this business.

Candle making:

You can start candle making business from your home by small budget. People buy candle not only religious purpose but also for many functions and parties to decorate the business places or home. The popularity and huge demand make this business very profitable in India, so starting this business is great opportunity for you.

Candy making:

Candy making is a fantastic home based business idea that increase your hobby, skill and it is very profitable business. Making homemade candy is very easy and it is quite popular in India. From chocolates to lollipop, children to adults enjoying to having candy. Candy making is a wonderful business idea that give you success.

Basket waving:

Basket waving is a profitable business and starting this business you need thoughtful planning and high level creative mind and great skill for design. You can start this business from home with very little investment.

Event planning:

There are many functions, wedding in India, so choosing event planning business idea is the great opportunities to earn good money. Your good hospitality towards the clients can make your business successful and thus you can get a chance to another event planning order. Your good behavior and cooling nature and handling skill of client can expand your business. You can start this business with very little investment and little knowledge.

Opening restaurant:

You can open a restaurant at your home and delivering foods in many places can expand your business. To start this business you need little money or low investment and cooking skill. You can deliver your homemade cooking food in many offices, schools, colleges in lunch time and this business is very profitable for you.

Opening beauty parlor:

Opening a beauty parlor at home is the best business ideas in India and it is money making best business idea. Now a day’s people very much concern about their beauty, they can spend their all money to be looking beautiful and attractive. Mainly ladies are very careful about their glamour, skin, and hair and so on. So, you can open a beauty parlor, here you can also cut hair of you clients, and it is very low investment business.

Poultry business:

In India, here are huge demands of chicken because of some religious cause, all people like chicken instead other meats. Everyday people not only take chicken but also take its byproducts eggs. And this egg is very important in other business such as bakery and cosmetics business. So starting poultry business is very much profitable, but you should need hard work and caring of the farm.

Wood products:

If you have the skill of making wooden furniture then you can start your business from home. Furniture is very important of our life to decorate beautifully of our house. So there are high demand of wooden furniture in the market and starting this business it the best idea to earn money from home.

Ice- cream business:

If you want to do ice-cream business you can do it and now ice- cream is not seasonal food, people love to eat it through the year. You can start this best business from home, and you should store different flavors so that you can make various types of ice-cream. Childs to mature adults love to take this.

Self-employment is the good thing, every people should be self dependent, not depend on other. You can do those jobs with your passion and discipline steps and become a successful business person.

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