Best Cheap Smartwatches 2020

Best Smartwatch

“Why buy smartwatches when a traditional watch can tell us time?”

This question is similar to asking, “Why to use the internet when you can write letters?”

As the world has expanded, the ink for writing letters has depleted and so the newest technology’s purpose is to contract the world into your hands. Smartwatches, being a member of this innovation, enables you to have the world around your wrist.


By the looks of it, it might look like a normal watch but truth to be told, it connects you with the world and informs you about your physical activity. Previously, you might be using cellphones to make calls and a pedometer to see how many calories you burnt today, but only up till now. A smartwatch does all of it for you, hence cutting down the cost of buying these devices separately.

Best Smartwatch

Best Smartwatch


It might be a jet black fancy-looking smartwatch, but do NOT buy it unless it has all of these listed features in it. We want the best for you and the presence or absence of these features in your watch will determine that.


Do you put your hands in your pockets when it rains? Or take your watch off when diving into a pool? Ah, things we do to save our precious watches. But, no more! Protecting the watches against water is like a sword hanging over your head because water is almost everywhere, so the right solution is to buy such a watch which resists water so that you can enjoy rain confidently with your hands all out!


As humans, the life of a smartwatch is different for each of them. However, to talk about criteria, it must last a day at least. Charging after every five hours might seem okay at the start but trust us, it gets exhausting in the long run.


Most of the smartwatches have mentioned the phone versions that you work with. Make sure to see that your smartwatch works according to your version so that you can download its app and enjoy reading your data.


“What does it takes for a watch to be smart?”-  It must perform all the functions any smartwatch would i.e. recording your heart rate, calories, steps you took and also it must notify you about your texts or calls.

Now, what does it take for a human to be smart? –To buy such a smartwatch which has all of these features. Where to find it? Right here in this article just by scrolling down!

Time to reveal the product: DSmart’s smartwatch is what we believe what you should add to your cart right now.


Its structure has been designed so delicately that it makes you appear a lot elegant and classy. In addition to the fashion is its features, where it holds the capability to perform several functions under a glass screen. Some of which are:


The problem in downloading the app to connect your phone with your watch? Just use Bluetooth! It ensures a faster data transfer hence reducing power consumption.


This watch perfect more than the pedometer itself. It can track your walking distance as well as the number of calories you burnt. In case you ride, run, jump or just simply walk, this watch has all the modes to track your movement the right way. Want to reach your fitness goal? Use this watch to track where you stand. It continuously tracks your heart rate to keep you updated and active at all times!


Charge it once and forget charging it for another 15 days. Yes! That’s how long it can accompany you in your daily life. Since it consumes very low power, it leaves the room for you to stay relaxed for up to two weeks!


To benefit yourself from this, download this watch’s app which will help you go through your blood pressure, heart rate, etc (all categorized very systematically). You can also determine the quality of your sleep.


Being waterproof, you can walk under the rain or enjoy the waves on a beach without having to take it off!


You have all the features in front of you but still, to conclude, this watch is certainly the best option because, at a reasonable price, it can be your fitness buddy, time teller, cell phone and after buying, tell us what not!

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