Here’s Why Content Marketing Is Predicted to Break Grounds in Marketing 2020

Okay, let’s get right down to it. Content marketing is by far the greatest strategy for bringing in business or better yet, let’s just called it customers; being so much better to hear, towards every business or organization. It always depends on how you market your content. SEO being an active part in content marketing has opened so many doors to success that I have lost count. Content marketing is and will always be proven to run every business smoothly if only you understand how and what to market effectively.

Since content marketing has already righteously proven itself in so many business areas, it has been ranked as the number one business strategy, taking us into the new 2020. Since, we’re advancing in every way possible, coming up with newer ways to develop content and induce research, let’s see what’s in store for us in the not so distant 2020!


What’s hitting our way to success

Now that you and I have more than established that content marketing strategies have skyrocketed our rankings in business; let’s have a look towards what is predicted to break grounds in the not so distant 2020. We begin with:

  • Video content and visual narrative
  • A whole new approach to visuals In content
  • A.T – ing your way up there
  • Purposeful content
  • Targeted content


Video content and visual narrative

Who doesn’t love a good video or storytelling through visual aid? I feel that videos have definitely proven to be successful, especially since they’re absolutely engaging and target a very large number of audience towards it. It’s like the time when I needed a ghostwriter for my business book, and instead of conducting polls of great book agencies, I fell in love with the advertisement video that showcased the best book writing company around my area. Brands or companies alike have always taken up the option of creating visual content to advertise their products or services. This is the reason why it has now been taken up or pushed into the New Year. You and I, as content marketers both know the value of keeping up with the trends, unless you feel like getting left behind.

A whole new approach to visuals in content

The whole point of social media is social platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube that have most of the population on there; targeted at millennials. Since that’s where all the buzz is taking place, content marketing strategies have to be evolved to suiting the needs and requirements of the most used platforms around. There are so many new changes in the world of AR (augmented reality) that it is a step up in the higher ranks for content marketers to take advantage of that in the most effective ways possible. In 2020 the possibilities are endless.

E.A.T – ing your way up there

E.A.T stands for expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. It asks for all marketers to understand the guidelines by which it is grounded. Raters don’t really have a stronghold on the kind of rankings that each piece of content has, rather it depends on how we assess our content from the E.A.T point of view. There’s a time when we marketers have to prove our E.A.T by earing the trust or ranking from other websites, introducing credentials on your own page, sprucing up your content by constantly adding updates on them.

Purposeful content

2020 is closing in, and mostly all content marketers will soon be head to head in the fight against who is better and more resourceful. The need for purposely content has and will always be what’s truly needed. There’ll be a more explorative depth of knowledge, reputable sources, and bigger and better branding visuals. It will definitely get a whole lot harder to achieve a ranking but at least 2020 will bring us all better content.

Targeted content

Not all content is titled as effective. What exactly is the point when your content doesn’t really cater itself to the audience? Targeted content is the upper hand for most content marketing strategies and its time has finally been seen. Most content should be based on what your targeted audience needs to see and wants to approach. It’s about getting to know your community and population a whole lot better. And the best way to go about all of this is by conducting your research.


To conclude – content marketing strategies have to be based on quality rather than quantity. It doesn’t really matter how much you write or create but definitely relies on the kind of quality content each marketer puts together for the public. It’s time to push boundaries and create through more innovation.

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