Building A Tradeshow Exhibit For A Flower Show

A flower show is an excellent way to exhibit your own produce from the garden, or to showcase what your professional company has grown recently. Whether it’s a specific celebration of one kind of flower or a professional floral design expo, it can be an excellent opportunity to present your talent. The opportunities are abundant, but the tradeshow exhibit design problems can be significant. You will need a company that can create sturdy custom trade show exhibits and is willing to work with you on the design.

Floral Tradeshow Exhibit Basics

The first consideration in your design process should be the size of the flowers you will be showcasing. If you work primarily with larger varieties, such as birds of paradise, foxglove, or snapdragons, consider whether you want to showcase them in groups or let them stand alone. Many companies will pick one prime specimen and put that on display, offering seeds or other Toko Bunga Depok in addition.

If your specialty is a smaller variety, or you specialize in multiple variations of the same plant (for example, different varieties of roses), you will need to worry more about differentiating one bloom from the other and making your entire selection stand out. There are many ways to lay out your tradeshow exhibit, ranging from a wall of vases each holding a bloom or selection of blooms, to large vases situated on pillars throughout the space.

What Marketing Is Right For Flower Trade Show Exhibits?

Floral shows are unique because they may not require aggressive marketing like a traditional convention. In many cases, rather than trying to promote immediate sales, you may be indirectly promoting or merely sharing your passion. Whatever your reason for choosing to display banner stands at a convention, stay true to it when you choose how to design them. It may be negative or even inappropriate to push your company too much. Feel it out before you finalize your design.

What If You’re Promoting A Garden Product At A Floral Convention?

A convention of enthusiasts can be a great venue for promoting a product that will help them – for instance, fertilizer or a new type of potting soil mix. However, promoting without being too over the top can be difficult. In general, you should ensure that your banner stands remain focused on the visitor’s perspective, rather than simply announcing the benefits of your product. Show your visitors an educational, informative tradeshow exhibit, and they’ll respond much more positively at a non-sales convention. Of course, make sure that selling is permitted. Depending on the nature of your company, you might want to look into a sponsorship if direct sales are forbidden. Sponsors tend to get very favorable advertising benefits, including appearances on official convention banner stands and other materials.

The Seeds Of Your Success

Successful presentation at a garden exhibition can mean substantial benefits for your company. Whether you are a local grower looking to increase recognition or a national company establishing your local presence, they provide a powerful venue for the local gardening community to come together. Having the right banner stands and trade show exhibits will make it easier for you to present yourself to others at the convention, helping make your experience a success.