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Residential Slim Panel Lights

Are you looking for LED slim panels for your home? Stop browsing and shop from for best LED lights. Flat and dimmable LED slim panels perfectly suits everyone’s’ house.This dimmable feature tailors light requirement within home according to the situation. They not only look modern but also economical for you as well. LED slim panels do not create humming noise just like the traditional fluorescence bulbs.LED lights always impose a decent look and add elegance where ever they are fitted. You can install these residential slim panel lights in your lobby, living room, kitchen, hallways, and rooms or even in your kitchen as well. These LED slim panel lights are easy to mount on walls and ceilings. These lights are available in multiple trendy colors and several trim options.

Generally baffle trim slim panel LED lights are preferred by customers for domestic purposes. The surface of residential slim panel lights is mate grey or black and made up of high quality aluminum material. They consume lesser amount of electricity and last for 10 to 15 years. Their life span is 50,000 hours. The controlled emission of CO2 and least heat outcomes from these lights make them environment friendly.The 360 degree illumination power of slim panels has lessened the requirement of several lights. The warm glow of residential slim panel lights gives aesthetic look to your home.

Buy residential slim panel online from because it is best option for your home. The residential slim panel lights require 40 watts power supply. The bulb brightness is 4500 lumens. These are very light weight and weigh only 12.8 pound. Buy LED lights online because they require efforts for repair and maintenance. All our slim panel residential LED lights are UL and DLC certified. The crystal clear light gives a trendy look to your home. Their clear acrylic lenses do not distract the brightness of light. Buy LED lights online from to enjoy huge energy savings. So shop LED lights and adds majestic beauty to your home.


Buy residential slim panel onlinefor following fantastic benefits:


  • Saves electricity bills by 25%
  • Smooth distribution of light
  • Flickering and glare free
  • Superior performance
  • Higher lumen count
  • No harmful effects on eye
  • Creates no sound
  • Durability
  • Productivity
  • Low maintenance
  • Long lasting
  • Environment friendly
  • High technology manufacture
  • Economical
  • Easily available
  • High quality
  • Suitable for all locations
  • Available in different styles and colors is an authentic LED light fixture company that supplies high quality LED lights. All the lights are affordable and we offer satisfactory customer service. You can any information from our representatives. Our customer care center is operationally active 24/7 for customers. We try to accommodate you by all means.


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