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designer shirt manufacturers

From wearing shirts in schools as a part of school uniforms to wearing it in the professional field or at jobs, the shirt is one piece of clothing which is never out of being fashionable. Shirts are trendy yet modest. You all already know what a shirt is (but, Let me explain it very shortly) a, is a piece of cloth that is worn in the upper part of our body. It has a collar and a few buttons on the front side. It is of full-sleeves or three-fourth sleeve or half-sleeves. There are different materials it is made up of. From cotton to linen to nylon fabric, shirts are very comfortable to wear in summer, and it also keeps us warm in winters.

What are designer shirts?

Designer shirts are shirts which are specially designed by eminent designers. Mostly these shirts are either branded or labeled by designers as their brand. These shirts are high in price and are of good quality material. There are many designer shirt manufacturers in the world. These designers are popular for their sleek designs of not just shirts, but also for their other clothing pieces which involve pants, designer Indian wears and designer western wears.

Fabrics of Shirts

There are many fabrics of shirts available in the market. There are also designer shirt manufacturers who design shirts in a simple yet unique manner. These fabrics, especially:

  • Cotton: Cotton fabric is derived from the n plant. It is naturally white. Cotton is very comfortable cloth. It is mostly preferred in summers because of lightweight.
  • Linen: It is derived from a plant called flax. This fiber is very strong.
  • Corduroy: It is a different kind of fabric. It is useful to wear in winters.
  • Silk: Silk is derived from silkworms. It is silky fabric which slips from your hand easily.

Types of Shirts

Shirts are of several types. Shirts come in different types from formal shirts to casual, from printed to plain shirts, from V neck to Y neck style. There are designer shirt manufacturers in our country.

  • Formal shirts: Formal shirts are the shirts which professional people or office people wear. These are formal because of their field or their industry demand. Tie also complement the shirt in this dress code.
  • Short-Sleeve Shirt: Short sleeve shirt is the one which has half sleeves, above the elbow line. These summers because of the heat. These are usual wear shirts worn for vacations or normal outings.
  • Casual shirt: As the name suggests, these are informal shirts which can be worn anywhere, but out of the office only. These shirts can be party wear and flunky.

 Several designer shirt manufacturers export different varieties of designer shirts in different brands. Anyone can find different types of shirts according to their taste and choice. There are different prints; colors are also available, including check, floral, solid color, etc. These are available in very good and high quality as well.

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