Characteristics Of Beagle Dog Only A Beagle Lover Know About:



Dogs are almost loved by all the people in the world, but after the release of the movie Shiloh, many people are in love with beagle dogs more than any other dog breed. The reason behind this is their smartness, loyalty, and other characteristics. Even after this, they were on the 5th number on the most famous dog’s list. If you are a beagle owner, then you must be a fan of him knowing his incredible traits. They are not just smart, but also looks cute and attractive. Else then these common things, there are some common and interesting facts about beagles, that only his owner or lovers know. Let’s have a look at the incredible facts given below:


The excellent sense of smell of beagles:

All dogs like to sniff and are good at it, but beagle dogs love to hunt through their nose. They love to sniff everything present around him. When you take him for a walk, then his sniffing capabilities can take him to an exciting adventure and can leave you alone for the walk. It can also help you and your dog play uniquely. You can hide your dog’s treat, and he has to find it out through smell. Isn’t it exciting? Trust me it’s a fun thing to do.


Beagles are food lovers:

Beagle dog breed loves to eat. If we talk about foodies dogs, then the beagle will be on the top. The beagle dog owners know how much their beagle dog is obsessed with food. They love to eat new things and everything you are eating. They never compromise on a three-time meal having the same thing. You cannot leave your dog alone on the table having plates and food. Beagles are so much in love with food that they can even explore the fridge to find something good to eat.


Never let you eat alone:

As already said beagles love food, so they always get hungry seeing his owner eating. So it is clear that they will never let you eat alone. They take the statement sharing is caring very seriously when it comes to food. If you are eating something, they will look at you innocently with a thought that you are sharing that with me right?. As beagles are so cute, they will melt your heart in minutes and you will not be able to stop yourself from sharing your food with him. Trust me they are undesirable.


Things beagles may misbehave at:

Beagle dog breed is very smart, they work perfectly when they are focused, but they will escape as soon as they will find a chance. This is the reason their owners normally prefer fencing or closing all the leap holes he might escape from. They may behave inappropriately if they see food because they love food.


Beagles are stubborn:

Beagles are very smart yet very moody. They won’t do anything if they are not in a mood. They are smart but also stubborn at times that’s why it won’t be easy to train them. If you ask him to fetch he will only do it if he is in a mood otherwise no chance. The main reason for beagles being stubborn is their one-track mentality. Beagle dog if you get attracted to something it’s not easy to get them back from them. These characters of the beagle can create trouble in training him.


Beagles love to howl:

Beagles most of the time howl in different moods. The most common reason he howls is to show that he is bored or feeling lonely and needs your attention. They may also howl after you to show you that he is in it with you. The most common situation in which beagles howl is when they argue. Beagle dog howl to show you that he does not agree with what you are saying.


Beagles are good for small places:

People normally think dogs require large space and homes to stay. But only beagle owners knew that beagles can even comfortably settle in small apartments. The maximum weight a beagle can have is 35 pounds (ca. 16 kg) that why they are best for small apartments. But to make him happy you need to take him for a walk daily.


Beagles bury instead of chewing:

All breeds of dogs love to chew bone for hours and enjoy but beagle dog breed is a little different. If you give your beagle dog a bone he will prefer to bury it instead of chewing it. No one knows why beagles do this but these little smart digs have their smart ways.


Beagles love going out:

Beagles love to smell this is the reason they love to go out and sniff for new smells and enjoy. No matter you take a beagle dog on a beach, park, or mountaintop, he will be happy that he is out of the house. He will sniff all the stuff including people, smells, sights, and much more. So never forget to take your beagle dog out for a walk.


Beagles ears are a total fun:

Beagles’ ears are a part of their signature look. Not only these ears look cute on beagles dog but also are a source of entertainment for their owner. Beagles owners massage their dog’s ears when free and relaxing. As the beagle ear is boneless it can be changed into any shape. So beagle dog owners love to make different shapes of his ears for fun.


Beagles are very photogenic:

People love to share their pet pics on their social media with friends. In this case, beagle dog breed owners are very lucky because beagle dogs are very cute and photogenic. No one can resist their cuteness.



If you are planning to buy a beagle dog as a pet then you should know what they are and how they behave so you can easily take your decision. Above mention, points are the personal observations by beagle dogs owners that only a lover or owner of beagle can know.

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