Cloud-Based Digital Signatures: Features and Benefits

As the world moves towards electronic transactions and e-versions of all paperwork, there is a heightened need for establishing a correct identity as well as trust in all these. This brings in the need for digital signatures to ensure the authenticity of transactions and documents. Whether it is a solution that caters towards HR onboarding for a company or loan documentation, document signing can be incorporated within the workflow to ensure complete authenticity from start to end.

Here are some of the features and benefits of cloud-based digital signatures that are helping most corporates establish a secure digital workflow.

End-to-End Integration

Digital platforms come with either separate components that need to be integrated or are already fully integrated and can be installed in one go. The former could be a time-consuming task and could be economically unfavourable, whereas the latter is most preferred by businesses that wish to save on time and efforts. This is why the need for cloud-based platforms is rising with every passing day as they offer integrated solutions, which can deliver all components that help in easy deployment of digital signatures. 

A digital signature certificate would normally have to be separately installed and is not integrated if not cloud-based. As a solution to the problem faced by most businesses, there is a complete integration of workflow that requires minimal interference once installed.

Flexibility, Growth and Scalability

The old-fashioned technique of allowing digital signatures of only dignitaries or higher-level authorities to be integrated into a digital package is now quickly being replaced. This means individuals such as employees or customers can be allowed to sign to allow flexibility and wider usage. Cloud-based solutions are more scalable and allow easy growth as compared to individual deployments of digital solutions. Businesses can avoid recurring costs by investing in deployments from scratch with every new law or regulation. 

Real-Time Tracking

Digital signatures have far wider use when integrated into a cloud solution. Some of these include tracking of document view and read status and signing status. With a cloud-based solution, there can be utmost transparency when it comes to editing, referencing and even storage of a document. This helps in improved document lifecycle for any business. Some of the latest solutions even come with reminder options so that the business does not have to worry about sending out manual reminders for signatures.

Safeguarding of Documents

Along with efficiency, cloud-based solutions for digital signatures also come with maximum security that helps in safeguarding the entire document. These solutions are also capable of tracking the editing or tampering of any document and are hence being preferred by most businesses.

The value of end-to-end and cloud-based digital signature solutions is two-fold since it helps the clients by ensuring complete trust and also helps the business with a smoother workflow. These solutions are best outsourced to a digital signature service provider so that the best results can be generated from the focused time and effort spent on designing the same.

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