COVID 19 coronavirus: Top tips for job seekers during the lockdown

We have sympathy for everyone who is going through the worst phase of life. Some have lost their loved ones and some have a job. In short, we all are in pain. The beginning of the year 2020 is like almost like a nightmare- horrible!

All those people who lost their jobs or the ones who think that they are standing at the risk of losing a job. We can feel fear. There are thousands of people who came all down from the stabled lifestyle. Relax! Yeah, we understand that it is quite difficult to feel relaxed in this uncertain situation but, at least we all can try.
Don’t worry, you still can get a good job. All you need to do is, keep your mind at peace and then try using the following tips in your job search.

Impressive Resume

Many people do not work on their resumes. Before, it was fine but, in this situation, you can’t afford to miss any chance of getting your hands-on job. So, make sure you own a productive resume. You need to all your job roles without making your CV cliché. Well, I know it’s quite difficult and tricky. But this is a must-to-do thing. Take help from any of the CV writing services and get your resume aligned perfectly and professionally. You need to impress them in one-go.

Send, Send, Send

You must be wondering why this ‘send’ thing is on repeat telecast. Well, this is because you can’t take any risk. At this moment, all are sailing in the same boat and yeah, once this quarantine is over, there will be fewer opportunities and more competition. So, you can’t afford to wait until all this mess gets fixed. Start sending your CV now. If you do it today, then you might get the chance to get your name on the list of selected candidates. Go for it and feel free to send your resume in any company, you feel is relevant to choose.

Learn Digital Techniques

Do you know what? Not everyone is being fired because the company is not in a state to afford them. But some are being fired because they don’t know how to turn their traditional working practices into the digitalized practices. Well, this is sad but we can’t do anything about this. It’s not about COVID-19 only. Soon, business practices would get modify. Make sure you are learning all the required techniques. Also, many online institutions are offering diploma facility. Get your hands on it and get certified.

Use Your Side Skills

None of us could deny that everyone has some hidden skills. No matter if you are a banker an accountant. Possibilities are, you might have good commands on writing too or maybe you know some dos and don’ts of graphic designing too. This is the right time to bring up your hidden skills. Start exploring yourself and work on enhancing your possessed skills. This time is in favor of digital marketers so, if you are an expert in anything which could help in digital marketing then go for it. For more help, use tutorials and improve your skills.

Flexible Work Hours

By the way, take this tip as a bonus point. Many businesses want candidates who can assist them with time flexibility. Due to excessive workload, within the digital agencies, there are extra workers required who can work at night shift. Well well, this is a good opportunity for all the jobless people. You need to switch your schedule. Sleep in the day time and stay awake at night. Many people are in instant need. Like students are looking for someone to help them in completing the dissertation before the deadline. Ok, so this time, you need to bring in all your college time skills in play. Just be confident. Because, nothing is difficult or impossible, this is your mind which perceives it in that way. Be relax and think prospectively.
All of these tricks might help you the jobless or jobless-to-be people. Let’s hope things get better soon so that, we all can get back into the normal routine.