Current Trends in Web Design 2020

Current Trends in Web Design 2020

To stand still is to go backwards. That is an expression that anybody who works digital media must appreciate. In the field of web design, changes are constant and as technical possibilities open new techniques, so too styles are forever inventing and reinventing themselves. In spite of this, as with all forms of design, many practices are repeated cyclically or evolve over time. It is always important to be aware of current web design trends so you can be ahead of the curve.

A professional website design company will ensure that it is always using the most contemporary techniques and styles and even trying to push the boundaries of them. None of this is possible, however, without continuously following the current website design trends. Here is a selection of some of the hottest web design trends in 2020.

Dark Mode

The popularity of the dark mode feature throughout mobile applications and web design has boomed in recent times. Some of the technology giants such as Facebook, Google and Instagram have all started to create or (already have) created dark modes across multiple platforms. Ensuring web design for your business incorporates this feature is definitely something to consider. Not only will your media integrate smoothly with other applications for those using dark mode already but it is also quite a different style aesthetic which can be designed around accordingly.

Combining Photos with Graphics

With the ease that people have to design their own photos and online posts that incorporate both photographs and graphics in their day-to-day lives, it is becoming more expected in mobile application and web design. Photos and videos combined with graphical images can be used across businesses with physical products but also prove effective for more abstract services such as finance or consultancy. This used in the web design for your business can become more reflective of your company values and a means to display your image and business culture or your personality and creativity.


In recent times there has been a trend away from the generally accepted font styles chosen. While there are certain widely-accepted forms which will continue to be used regularly there has been a rise in the use of individually created fonts or those previously less used. Simply looking at social media sites shows the popularity of breaking the typography rules by posting in fonts different to those the site or application actually uses. Maintaining legibility is something which is key to any choice of lettering but many professional website design companies are beginning to implement this more and more in 2020.

Minimal Navigation

Alongside the current trend for minimalist design styles across apps and web design, so too is a rise in the use of minimalist navigation. The two integrate well and given the increased use of smaller devices such as smartwatches so minimising the navigation process allows for more cross-format applications. By reducing text and communicating more through simple imagery the trend is sure to continue well into 2020 if not after.