Dye Sublimation – How Is It Beneficial In Business Marketing

Customized reusable bags work as an effective form of marketing tool. One of them is dye sublimation bag. These bags look remarkable and preferred over other types of customized reusable bags. Bright and vivid color on its surface helps in ensuring that the branding message is spread in the way you have wanted it to be.

In this article, we will know more about this printing procedure, types of materials that offer the best kind of surface and the ways to form affordable and catchy advertising bags with the help of this technique.

Dye Sublimation

It is a printing process which uses pressure and heat for transferring digital images on a substrate. In the process, dye gets permanently bonded with the fabric and thus resists fading, peeling and cracking. It can feature high quality vivid photo-quality imagery. It uses full range of colors to give the best result.

How is dye sublimation useful for benefit for marketing of your business?

Compatible Fabrics

Dye sublimation works remarkably on smooth fabrics that have a tight weave. Such kind of surface offers a lot of material for a dye to get bonded with. This helps in the formation of a consistent image. Both woven and non-woven non-laminated and laminated tote bags are perfect for “dye sublimation printing”. All these types of fabric can be easily used for creating drawstring bags and full color sublimated totes for multipurpose promotional options.

Make a key impact

Dye sublimation enables “edge-to-edge prints”, that implies an entire panel and an entire bag that can be printed. It improves the efficiency of the marketing message that is being seen. You will be surprised to see the beautiful artwork that wraps around the bag efficiently covering all sides. The size of the artwork is proportional to the information that will be relayed by it.

The wide color range provided by them is the key perk in creating marketing bags that use dye sublimation procedure. A diverse range of color palette is used for the creation of dramatic bags that helps it to stand out and create a statement. This artwork can be intricate, and interesting with inclusion of beneficial tidbits, such as a web address, contact info, and other information.

Available at a competitive price

There are several factors that determine the actual cost per custom bag. Some of those are the style of this bag, the quantity of printing, type of printing, etc. Depending on your budget, you can go for with style and without style custom bags. These bags help in effective marketing of your business brand for several years. This artwork will continue to look really amazing and also promote your business brand in the best way in future.


Dye sublimation is one of the most appreciated strategies to give a new touch to your ordinary reusable and recycled bags. Such type of customization makes them attractive and useful in the marketing strategies of a business.

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