E-Governance: What Is It And How Can You Benefit From It?



There is a buzz about e-governance everywhere. What do you know about it? Well, E-governance, expands to electronic governance, is the mixing of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in all the procedures, with the goal of enhancing government’s ability to address the requirements of the general public. The general purpose of e-governance is to abridge and simply the processes for all, i.e. citizens, government, businesses, etc. at National, State and even that of local levels.

In simple words, it is the usage of electronic means, to endorse good governance. It means the implementation of information technology in the government procedures and functions so as to cause simple, accountable, and moral and even that of transparent governance. It involves the access and delivery of government services, distribution of information, communication in a swift and efficient manner. you can easily avail E-governance system if you want to bring all this in your working and procedures. Once there are proper electronic means in your work, there would be better outcomes, good speed and effective tasks.

What are the perks of E-governance?

There are many perks but a few are like:

  • High transparency
  • Direct participation of constituents
  • Reduced corruption
  • Increased convenience
  • Expanded reach of government
  • Growth in GDP
  • Reduction in overall cost.

Through the concept of e-governance, the government plans to increase the coverage and quality of information and services catered to the general public, by the usage of ICT in an effective, economical and efficient manner. The procedure is extremely complicated, and it requires the proper arrangement of hardware, networking, software and indeed re-engineering of all the procedures to facilitate better delivery of services. You can ensure that you use the proper governance systems to ensure that e-governance enters in your work in the most effective manner.


E-governance simply means using electronic technology by the government. Electronic technologies do make communication better, and faster. It is going to take very little time for any policy, or scheme to get reached to the people. As you yourself can witness the internet, gadgets, mobile communications have these potentials and abilities.


It sometimes gets difficult for the citizens to get whole information about the policies of the Government. Or In other words, it has turned out to be easier for wrongdoers to conceal the wrong deeds done by them from the eyes of the citizens. But, by using the internet and electronic procedures, all the information of each and every policy is going to be directly available to the citizens; hence there would be transparency and hardly any grievances.


Accountability is something that can be taken as answerability to the people by the government. Hence, once the transparency is attained the government is automatically become going to be accountable. Once there would be proper accountability, nobody is going to dare to do anything that is wrong.

Lessening in Cost

For implementing the diverse types of policies and schemes of the government, crores of pennies are invested in stationery materials like for buying papers, pens, and printers. But with the use of the Internet the government is going to be able to save these expenditures that can be further used for other developments. Once there would be lessening in the cost, there would be more productivity and provisions.

What are the kinds of Interactions is E-Governance?

There are many kinds are a few are like:

G2G (Government to Government)

It is the concept when the exchange of information and services gets done within the periphery of the government and it is termed as G2G interaction. This might be both horizontal, that means, among various government entities and vertical that is, between national, state and even that of local government entities and inside different levels of the entity.

G2C (Government to Citizen)

Then there comes this type of governance.  The interaction takes takes place amidst the government and the general public is G2C interaction. Here an interface is specifically set up between government and citizens. It is the setup that enables citizens to get access to a huge range and variety of public services. The citizens possess the freedom to share their views and grievances on government policies anytime and from anywhere. In this way, the communication and connection turn out to be easy, effortless and effective.

G2B (Government to Business)

In this instance, the e-governance helps the business class to interact with the government in a seamless manner. It goals at eliminating red-tapes, saving a lot of time, cost and establish transparency in the business environment, at the same time interacting with government. Once things get more mainstream, rationalized, effective, speedy and transparent; the results turn out to be effective and heart-winning only.

G2E (Government to Employees)

You know what, it is apparent that the government of any country is the hugest employer and so it also tackles with employees on a regular basis, as the other employers do. ICT helps in making the overall interaction between the government and employees fast and efficient. It does it all along with raising their level of satisfaction by catering privileges and add-on benefits.

Government has to be ready for it to make it possible!

Remember that E-governance can just be possible if the government is ready for it. It is not a one-day endeavor, and so the government has to make proper plans and implement them before they even switch to it. Some of the measures encompass Investment in telecommunication infrastructure, ensure security, budget resources, monitor assessment, internet connection speed, promote awareness among the public related to the importance, support from all government departments and so on.

E-governance has a huge role to play, which improves and supports all types of tasks performed by the government department and agencies. It is because it simplifies the task on the one hand and enhances the quality of work on the other.


Thus, it is high time that the authorities should think about e governance solutions. There are professionals who can help you in implementing and adapting the e-governance in the most effective, effortless and efficient manner.

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