Ensure Safety Of Your Products With Lab Tests Using Package Testing Instruments

Bursting Strength Tester

Good and safe packaging is vital for delivering your products to the customers as most of them are fussy about the look and feel and quality of packaging. With online shopping becoming a phenomenal success in recent years, products must be delivered to the end-users in good condition without being damaged. Factors like the condition of packaging and packaging materials used can impact the sales of the products in a big way.

Several manufacturers outsource the packaging of their products as their manufacturing units are not equipped with paper testing instruments for quality control tests. Low packaging quality puts your products at risk from water damage, rough handling, jerks and falls during transportation and harsh climate.

Bursting Strength Test

Bursting Strength Test is carried out to determine the strength and performance of materials like paper, paper boards, corrugated boxes, solid fiberboards, industrial fabric, filter cloth, and Rexene. Bursting Strength Tester is a commonly used instrument in the packaging industry to ensure quality packaging of products and prevent damage during storage, loading, and transportation. The bursting strength of a sample is tested in a lab by applying the hydrostatic pressure required for rupturing the material at a controlled increasing rate through a rubber diaphragm. The value of bursting strength indicates the maximum weight that may be carried by the box.

Puncture Resistance Test

Puncture Resistance Test is conducted in a lab of a packaging unit to evaluate the relative ability of the specimen to inhibit the intrusion of a foreign object which can create a hole in the packaging material and damage it through puncturing. The instrument measures the impact in several ways ranging from a slow controlled puncture to rapid effects of a sharp object. Puncture resistance tests are generally conducted on packaging materials, tires, fabrics, bulletproof vests, protective vests, etc.

Compression Test for Packaging

Compression Test for Packaging is done to evaluate how much weight a package can withstand. It measures the compressive strength of corrugated and wooden boxes, canisters, drums, containers, etc. In the packaging industry, knowing the compressive strength of a corrugated box is of prime concern as maximum products are packed in these boxes. It is essential to evaluate the compressive resistance of packaging material for maintaining the product shape and quality during its transportation.

Shock Test for Packaging

Shock Test for Packaging is done to measure the fragility of products accurately and to evaluate protective packaging. This test is vital for the packaging industry as it tells you whether your product is capable of withstanding drops, falls during transportation and real-world environment. Shock tests in a lab can reveal issues in packaging material, and it is recommended to improve the packaging quality of a product by assessing its fragility.

Edge Crush Test

The Edge Crush Test is a laboratory test to measure the cross-direction crushing of corrugated board or box. It is a measure of the edgewise compressive strength of a corrugated box, and the performance test is directly related to the stacking strength of the carton. During a lab test, a certain amount of load is applied on the edge of a sample. It tests crushing a section of the cardboard when standing on its edge.

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