Essential Tips to Choose The Best Bridal Package For You

With 30,000 weddings per day, India’s wedding industry stands second with a $50 billion market value, according to a report. This rate is estimated to grow at 20-25% per year for the upcoming few years. A significant part of this expense accounts for the bridal makeup and dress.

To ensure that you look perfect on your wedding day, you need the best makeup artist. Bridal makeup price differs depending on the artist’s reputation, usable products, number of events etc.

Thus, before selecting any of them, you need to know how to choose the best service for you. Here are some tips-

1. Sanitation and trustworthiness

While choosing a bridal package, sanitation and hygiene should be the most important factor that you should consider. Thus, you always need to look for reputed and certified experts. Before shortlisting your best makeup artist, try to gather some first-hand referrals and reviews. They can also help you pick bridal jewellery with price suggestions.

2. Your preferable product

Makeup artists tend to stick to a particular brand. So, it is essential for you to know if that brand suits your skin type and sensitivity. Hence, you should opt for a trial session and also have a discussion about your preferable products. It is advisable to go for organic and natural products for your skin and hair as per your bridal makeup price.

3. Pre-treatments to your face, body, and hair

Preparing your skin and hair for the big day look is something that you must not ignore. Thus, look out for bridal packages that come along with facial, body and hair treatments. Facial treatments must include skin assessment, facial, threading of upper-lip and eyebrows, etc.

Similar to face, your body also needs to be toned with spas, waxing, pedicure, manicure, and massages. Hairstyle plays a crucial role in your makeup. And healthy hair is important to get the desired look. So, intense hair treatments like spas for both hair and scalp are required. You must consider a bridal makeup price that includes all of these.

4. Don’t forget about your friends and family

Even though it is your big day, it is also an important day for your family and friends. So, you must have a conversation to include the cost of their makeup within your bridal makeup price. To avoid any nuisance, you need to inform your makeup artist about the entourage headcounts, so he or she can bring assistants to cater to them. Top bridal packages in India are vital especially for destination weddings.

5. Chalk out the budget and alternative plan

Without compromising with the quality, you need to chalk out the budget before conversing with your makeup artist. Also, you must be prepared for an alternative plan like a standby makeup artist for inconceivable events. Yet, you also need to know the wedding planning checklist, which should prevent overburdening your finances.

Being a grand event by custom, a wedding demands substantial funds. For instance, only an exotic bridal makeup package can cost around Rs.50,000-1.50 lakh. And there are several other expenses as well including jewellery, food and beverages, decors, venue, etc. You can avail a loan against property to meet all such necessary expenses.

This secured credit comes with affordable interest rates, also allowing easier repayments. Nonetheless, before availing them, you need to know everything about taking a loan for a wedding.

Lastly, even though wedding expenses are huge, the bridal makeup price must not be compromised. If you want quality service, you must be ready to pay for it.