Evaluation of Flutter App Development – Good or Bad for Your Business?



Flutter technology has now become the talk of the town.

If you are a hardcore developer and finding new hacks to improve the mobile application, then knowing flutter will be beneficial for you.

Whether you have made up your mind to use the Flutter app or not, it is obvious that Flutter is going to stay in the market for a long time.

Flutter is creating its magnificent reflection in industry and that is the reason most of the organizations are choosing it as a significant platform.

Even conferences and technical shows are laying emphasis on Flutter for software development.

Even there is a continuous increase in downloads of Flutter in Google play.

The question remains: What is the Flutter app and why is it so popular?

Well, Google has developed this open-source framework, especially for mobile applications.

Flutter uses programming languages such as C++, C, Skia Graphics Engine and Dart.

The main developing platforms are Linux, macOS, and Windows.

You may also have a question about how it is different from other platforms, you will surely get the answer in our write-up!

It is a completely new technology, so developers would find it difficult to trust it. Worry not! We have given the pros and cons of the Flutter app development which will solve all your queries regarding the Flutter app.

Before directly knowing the quality of the Flutter app, let us know the meaning of Flutter technology.

Flutter App

What is Flutter App?

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Flutter – It is well-known as Google’s product for developing native apps by using a single codebase.

Well, you cannot acknowledge Flutter as a framework as it is a software development kit.

It is employed to develop cross-platform applications. It also has ready-made widgets, command-line tools, and rendering engine to assist developers in the best possible manner.

Now let us know how Flutter is changing the game of development by being cross-platform.

Pros of Flutter App Development

Quick Development Process

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Flutter is mainly a cross-platform, therefore it can easily run on iOS and Android with a single code.

There is no need to write separate codebase for both platforms which eventually will save a lot of time.

Many of the developers have also felt that writing the Flutter app is easier than writing for native apps.

If you want to accelerate your development process, Flutter is one of the best technologies you can choose in the current time.

Quick Development Process

Easy to Create and Maintain New Features

When your apps are ready, you can work on its user base.

It means you can move the app to the maintenance mode where new features can be incorporated while fixing the bugs in the system.

Even start-up businesses can work on Flutter app development as they can complete the app development process by hiring only one developer for both Android and iOS.

Ideal Choice for Advanced UI

Flutter provides advanced UI by using its internal graphics engine known as Skia which is also used in Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome.

This quick functionality of the software enables Flutter to work differently than other mobile development frameworks.

The good news is you can also use Flutter to write a game.

On top of that, the Flutter team is also putting efforts in recreating the Material UI elements and Apple Design system elements together.

You also have the option of making your components and this is what makes the Flutter app development services shine in the industrial domain.

It is easy to create attractive and custom UI elements that will function well on both iOS and Android. This factor makes Flutter an ideal choice for providing classy and attractive UI designs.

Have the Facility of Hot Reload for Instant Update

This tool works best in the Flutter framework and does not require any additional plugins.

Hot reloading also offers you to see the real-time updates.

When you find an error while running a program, you can fix the error right away by using Flutter.

It takes a lot of time doing regular programming, therefore you can use Hot reload which increases productivity and reduces the repetitions in the programming.

React Native also has the same feature, but developers have recognized Flutter to be quicker than other platforms.

2X Performance

Many factors are taken into account for the performance of the app such as the number of requests per second, CPU usage, number of frames per second, and average response time.

The Flutter team also provides 60fps where the display is smooth and the picture is clear.

As issues in the frame are easily noticeable by the human eye, developers maintain the level in the motion.

Flutter matches the CPU usage of the native app but utilizes more memory in comparison to the React Native.

Cons of Flutter App Development

Fresh and Young Technology

With the expansion and rise of new technology, everyone finds it difficult to cope with it.

Flutter is developed by Google and even Google is using it for its own OS.

You will not find more Flutter developers on the market than iOS and Android. So being a new framework in the industry makes a lot of difference as developers and a business person do not accept the framework in one go.

Platform Oriented Look and Feel

If you wish to create your own App, you would need to follow Apple Design System and Material Design on the Android devices.

We think it’s better to create two separate applications than using one design.

You can check the platform in an app and offer different elements on the screen with the help of Flutter.

Native SDK Knowledge

For the Flutter project, you will require people with native development knowledge who can build the Android version to write native views for both the platforms.

It is possible to ask native developers for help regarding 10 clouds while it is hard to find the Flutter developers who can work on both the platforms.

Enormous File Size

Developers do a lot of work for increasing the size of an app.

Users do not have sufficient storage, so it is important to release an app so that users do not have to delete the old photos and videos.

In order to reduce the size of the program, programmers avoid animations, reduce the libraries and packages to a minimum or compress images.

Is it Good for me to Rely on Flutter?

Flutter is important to improve the programming habits. It is reasonable to expect that there are new updates coming for Flutter.

That does not mean that older technologies become out-of-date, it gives new opportunities as well as options.

It is always a confusing situation, whether to install new tools or work with the older one. Installing new tools would be a little difficult for your budget.

When you have a team of developers, ensure that they learn Dart and work on creating the app in a different way.

When you are relying on the outsource team, you have to be sure whether they can give expertise in creating the Flutter app.

If you do not have enough resources and time to handle Flutter, you can proceed the work with the old development platform.

If your project is long-term and complex, you cannot immediately go with Flutter.

We hope you have got all the answers related to the Flutter. You can also take assistance from the best Mobile App Development company for creating an agile and standard app in less time.

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