Factors to be considered while selecting cleanroom furniture

Cleanroom storage is a room designed in such a way where major industrial production and scientific research is done. This cleanroom is equipped with a variety of furniture to keep the room clean and disposal of toxic air. In this room, specialized furniture is used like special mops and benchtop fume hoods to keep the room dust-free. All the equipment is designed in such a way that controls the cleanroom temperature, maintains air quality, purifies water, filtration of air, etc. so you have to study properly while investing in cleanroom furniture. Here are some factors which one should keep in my while selecting and purchasing furniture and fixtures.

  • Usage of chemicals or material in a cleanroom: This factor tells us about the environment inside the cleanroom. What type of research and production is done? What kind of material and chemical you required to produce the things or for research purposes? All this tells us about the kind of furniture you required like if more gases and fumes are produced while producing then benchtop fume hoods are required inside the cleanroom.
  • Flexibility: Another important concept is flexibility. The environment is dynamic and changing regularly. New environment changes demand new equipment but if you invest a huge amount in a static environment then it’s not possible to change easily. Therefore while selecting furniture and fixture you should take care of flexibility.
  • Nature of processes: The nature of processes determines the kind of material and furniture you required in the cleanroom. The layout of your cleanroom also determines the nature of furniture. Like if the nature of work is sensitive and cleanroom is used to store the material sensitive in nature then you required shelving, cabinetry, and casework, but if the cleanroom is used to test the quality of material and controlling the quality then you required sinks, electricity and more items.
  • Multiple operations: If multiple operations are done inside the cleanroom storage , then you require flexible furniture which you can adjust easily without any difficulty. Such fixtures are like adjustable height tables, casework on wheels or adjustable cabinetry, etc.
  • The requirement of chairs and tables: The number of chairs and tables affects the efficiency inside the room. The exact number of chairs and tables improves efficiency. Too many chairs not only decrease efficiency but also delay the production processes. It also required more space thus space is wasted and fewer chairs leave your employees unhappy and unsatisfied. Height, width, and quality of chairs also important from a comfort point of view. Like stool is the most effective tool for technicians or if longer sitting is there for research work then a comfortable seat is most effective.
  • Storage space: Inside the cleanroom storage space is needed to store the material, tools, equipment, and packaging. To store the items you required sufficient boxes, shelves, racks, and drawers. So your cleanroom required sufficient furniture and fixtures for storage. The right kind of storage facility improves the level of efficiency.
  • Space of cleanroom: minimum space requires limited furniture. If you have limited space then too many furniture creates the problems in movement and interrupts the production processes. Space should be flexible to move easily and for multiple operations. Adequate space adjusts all furniture in the right place and left an adequate amount for movement.
  • Investment: Investment is the most important factor. Furniture not only requires the space, storage and other factors of cleanroom buy also require the investment in the cleanroom. If you made a big investment in the cleanroom then also invest a large amount in furniture too. Then your investment generates a return to you. Not only investment generate return but provide a safe and secure environment too.
  • Maintenance expenditure: You should keep in mind the maintenance expenditure of furniture. Furniture should be such that require fewer repair and cost is less. Once you invest in this furniture and fixtures it’s your responsibility to maintain the items regularly. Like fume hoods require regular maintenance to remove extra toxic air from that.
  • Follow the rules of safety: Furniture of cleanroom storage compliance with various rules of safety. There are more risk-prone areas inside the cleanroom. Therefore, the law maintains various laws and rules to keep the environment safe and secure. It’s your responsibility while investing in furniture that it follows the rules properly.

So it is important that when you design a new cleanroom or upgrade an existing one don’t forget to invest the right amount in furniture. Insufficient material and furniture interrupt your work. So it is important to ask yourself questions regarding furniture because wrong investment creates major problems in research work and for the researchers and scientists. It also affects society too.