Food Services have added spices to the Railway System

Passengers on Indian Railway network have complained a lot on the terrible meals, hygiene, and, environment in the train compartments but now bringing fast food to their seats is changing the way to the dining, taste and food pattern.

From Pizza to the burger, south Indian food to north Indian food, rice to various kind of chapatti, today the passengers have access to a vast array of dishes within a just a click. Hence with that, the food is a hundred times better than the railway pantry as well as other vendors.  Comparatively the food offered here is reasonable, plus there is also surety of quality & quantity.

Looking into the past cases like cockroaches and houseflies being found in dishes, hair found in the dish were very common, this system has changed the comfort level of the passengers to a huge extent.

One of the reports says that the pantry when investigated was found dirty, smelly and waterlogged. Looking into all these cases, various e-commerce service providers come up with the platform of providing food delivery 24 * 7. This trend was 1st started in the major metro city, later this business grew successfully, and positive feedback motivated them to cover all major station.

 According to research, the train food service will cover 100 stations more by the end of this year.

Bridging the Gap

Meanwhile, with passing days it was becoming difficult to meet the expectation of the entire passenger, but soon the launch of e-commerce app helped a lot of passengers to choose food within a single click. The train food service just not provided surety but also a wide choice of food which you can get food at your seat within a short period. With the help of a smartphone or computer, one can easily place the order for a dish of quality food that can help him enjoy the journey without compromising on the food requirement as well as quality. The food offered here is also with good taste, fresh and tasty as it is prepared by the expert chefs at various hotels in different cities.

Food Services widespread

The company generally signs up with individual restaurants close to stations on busy routes, sharing the profit margin and providing a delivery service for a fee. Hence it can prove beneficial to the hotel, passenger as well as the company. On the other hand that gives better food quality, systematized booking, and easy cancellation at a reasonable cost. India’s Railway catering is a huge sector making the worth of 4,000 corers, but it has been always a debate for its poor quality.

The online market has gained a lot of attention & users within a short span of life with its various features like fast delivery, tracking, various varieties & many other
The key to success is speed delivery services. It takes just a few minutes to track down the customers and provide food before the train leaves the station.

This has made it easy to travel for the Indian passengers, who are mostly food lovers and who don’t love compromising with the taste.

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