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Get the rank on search engines or promoting an online business is not an easy task for people who don’t have enough ideas. To avoid this risk, it is recommended to use the correct dedicated server hosting. Most companies offer various solutions to provide an active server hosting service with updated features that help you get the best results in a short amount of time. Onlive Server is a leading brand that is certified to offer a different plan. Get cheap dedicated server hosting that is equipped with the right and new technology and the costs that are suitable for all users. Here, the dedicated service highlights the most effective and diverse type of server plan and other options for adding the long-term server. If the customer required or searching higher bandwidth, the higher speed of RAM and the latest technology of CPU, then they can choose our Cheap Dedicated Server plans. Now the user also can access up to 4 GB to 32 GB RAM as well as up to 1 TB of Bandwidth, which makes it easier for the client hosting server to reach the destination and receive more data traffic.

Easily Promote Business with Dedicated Server 

This server has enabled to work with various platforms such as Linux and Windows-based OS. Most of the companies and IT professionals have ensured that more traffic is generated in a short time. Cheap dedicated server hosting with the latest technology and free support is more of the major factor to enhance the website performance. Windows and Linux operating systems that offer the best comfort to easily promote the business at a high level. This server can be restarted using the control panel and offers fully managed support for high traffic. It takes very little time, from 0 to a few minutes to set up a user account and server. Anyone can improve the company’s online presence by taken our cheapest dedicated server package. It is created with dedicated IPv4 support that helps you always get the best and most effective solution and support. Although the purchase is planned for a low price, it was built with all new systems and guarantees a complete data backup. The dedicated business server is therefore fairly simple and can be restored and deployed immediately in the event of non-delivery.


Is the dedicated server secure?

Yes, no doubt the website owner can use dedicated and isolated RAM. The hosting server is very secure and consists of new files that are easily protected. I hope the customer can try to find the best solution and support to promote the high-level website.

What is a resource offered with a dedicated server?

Get Dedicated Platform is a suitable and more flexible hosting solution that is little more than a common hosting service. It has a private area that is not interrupted by the important website and offers additional convenience at all times.

Can you grant a free trial period?

The company is a leader in providing a free trial with a money-back guarantee. The customer can also choose the best and most effective package on the official website. Get Hosting Service Provides full root support for precise root access.

How much time will be taken to set up my account?

Depending on the procedure, the account will take less time and it is more convenient to create a hassle-free account. Every order from us is verified by email and with the cell phone number so that it is safer to use it without risk.

Will the update apply to a different plan later?

Yes, if the customer wants to upgrade to the web hosting platform, they have to choose an option that allows the customer to quickly find the best advertising plan. I hope it works well and comes up with the best ideas to get more traffic.

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