Growth for Startups and SMBs: 4 Important Aspects you Need to Know



If you think that every business looks for growth all year round, you need to consider certain factors in this concern.  In this blog, I would like to offer you some key insights about businesses’ needs these days, and they can survive tough economic scenarios and what they need to do when the market is down.There are several reasons for which businessesneed to be on top of their game,but that doesn’t mean that they need to look for extreme measures.

Growing a business can be difficult in the best of economic conditions and virtually impossible to pull off in a severe economic downturn.But there are numerous ways to make the most of it. Let me offer you five ways in which companies grow an existing business in the long run without breaking the bank as a sound strategy and execution is the requirement.

  1. Is Growth the Best Strategy for you?

We all look for growth, tremendous growth that can outsmart our competitors and leave them way behind. But are you aware of some scenarios or situations in which you don’t need just growth but something else to boost your chances in the future? Take a look at the following example so that you can understand my point of view better.

There can be a scenario where companies are investing heavily in R&D in your industry so that they can come up with a refined product. Your competitors may come up with such a product in less than three months. So, what should be your choice? You may get some good sales by selling out the product you currently have but once your competitor comes up with a refined product, your downfall in terms of sales will be on the horizon.

That’s why growth may not be the best strategy forward in every situation. You need to think about projects in pieces, taking care of tasks bit by bit. For this, a free online task manager can be of great support to you.

  1. Empathy Towards Customers

Customer support is one aspect that all companies need to consider. But not everyone their heart and soul in coming up with a strategy or a plan that can work for them well into the future.  Customer support is not just about setting up a call center/contact center where you can receive because from current in prospective customers. It is also not about having a good team that can check emails from customers and chats with them in real-time.

Let me give you an example so that you can understand what I mean by customer empathy.

Companies need to put themselves in the position of the customer so that they can know what a customer is going through and what he is looking forward to from your company. A company is trying to launch a new soft drink in the market need to come up with a great campaign. A great teaser can set up things nicely for them so that there is enough curiosity for the product. The role of customer support will be of great importance here.

The company needs experts who can answer all the questions related to the new product, starting from the launch date. People may ask many questions; some of them may be irrelevant too or plain idiotic. But businesses need to be emphatic here and don’t have to lose patience. Think of you as a layman. What would you like to ask for a product about which you have just seen a teaser? Then you can have empathy towards your customers so that you don’t have to look at your prospective customers in disgust or answer their calls in awe as what they are asking for and why.

This is akin to a golden chance for any company as several questions in the form of phone calls, emails and live chat means that their product has caught up with the target market. And their teaser campaign has hit the bull’s eye.

  1. Startup Lifestyle 

If you think that starting and managing a startup is not that difficult, check out the details of several startups that failed during the last few years. And some of them were promising to say the least. Even projects from the giants in the technology world sometimes fail to materialize or take ages to take off. Hyperloop is one example that may not be a reality for a few years because of increased costs and difficulties in materializing what needs to be done.

For an average startup, implementing this aspect can be tough to say the least. While most of the startups try to cut costs so that they can have a great and prosperous future ahead, there are times when they are forced to do some expenditure like spending some extra amount on marketing or launching a product. But as they say,we should spend according to our budget and limit. Business owners must realize this aspect and consider various expenses so that they canrun their startup with ease.

  1. Networking and Marketing your Venture

Related to the last point mentioned, networking with like-minded people and businesses to make your business grow is another aspect that needs to be considered by business owners. There are many things that you need to understand if you want your business to become successful. In this modern era, you need connections and networking to start a business successfully and subsequently run it smoothly.

Networking is important for the fact that you need to start taking things seriously. If you think that your business will click only because you have a great idea, it is not the case. Instead, you need some support from the best minds in the business and learn about leadership excellence concerning starting and managing a business, as this is not an easy feat.

You need to talk to some investors to make things future proof for you. This is important, especially for startups,as they are mostly in need of capital and money for various purposes. Even otherwise, networking plays a pivotal role in getting new contacts.

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