Be it a novice investor or a seasoned investor, in your money making venture the stock broker has an important role to play. The speed by which your stock broker executes a trade is of utmost importance. Mostly the accounts are managed by full time service brokers and work out to be the difference between making and losing money in terms of investments. In addition to avail the best online stock trading platform in India is another point to consider.

It is very important a stock broker as per your needs. You need to take note of the fact that the emphasis is to locate your needs precisely based on your trading and investment goals, objectives along with strategies in line with your personality levels. A host of criteria is there that can go on to suffice your needs. Once again the objectives you have to consider are your goals, objectives along with strategies.

Firstly, the brokers need to charge brokerage accounts and rates within the specified budget. You do not want to take out charges which go on to take a major chunk of your profit on a single trade. Another criterion for choosing a broker is that he needs to be available on the phone and even easy access to your own phone is to be provided. You have to be protected from internet shutdowns, so phone access needs to be there at all times. Ideally you want options to access your money accounts in the form of a linked account.

Even you need to evaluate the extra benefits that is provided by a stock broker. Just check out the free reports, free bonuses along with free brokerage fees in order to mention a few extras. Some of the features you need to locate in a stock broker are as follows

  • You are provided 24 hours round the clock support, with flexible commission plans along with educational tools and even the opportunity to trading out a trading platform free of charge
  • There needs to be an app provided where you can go on to trade anytime and from anywhere at your convenience.
  • The platform needs to have a huge community where investors go on to share ideas, analysis along with trade research. This is useful for the first time investors and even the seasoned people
  • A flat fee needs to be levied for all trades along with access to the premium trading tools. As far as customer loyalty is concerned you need to choose the best among the lot.
  • The discount rates are provided by some stock brokers

This pretty much winds up our discussion about the choice of a stock broker. Be it any type of broker you need to opt for one that suits your investment goals. In addition, if you need certain type of advice a full time broker would be a better option, otherwise avail the services of a discount broker. They are going to provide you with a mere platform to execute trades.

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