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A raglan or a baseball t-shirt is a kind of t-shirt that never goes out of style. Raglan t-shirts are very famous in the U.S. (United States), as baseball is a popular game in America. In four words, a raglan tee is Classic, cool, and clean. Raglan tee is a nostalgic wardrobe staple with a fascinating history. The question is: What is a raglan tee exactly? 

What Is a Raglan Tee Exactly?

The name, raglan, is derived from the style of a shirt than the fabric it is made out of. Raglan t-shirts are recognized by the sleeves that expand all the way towards the collar and neckline instead of ending at the shoulder. The sleeves of a raglan tee are of a distinct color than the rest of the shirt. When raglan tee was launched initially, it was a three quarter length sleeve that was either red, blue, or red.

A Succinct History of a Raglan Tee:

The history of a raglan tee has surprising origins, and it dates back to 1815; when the “Battle of Waterloo” took place. In that battle, Lord Raglan wore a coat with the raglan sleeve to allow for perfect and unrestricted movement. 

Where Does Raglan Tee Stand Today?

Today, raglan tee takes us to the sports, “Major League Baseball.” Baseball players wear a raglan tee under the team jersey. A raglan tee is AKA (Also Known As), a baseball tee owing to its association with the game of baseball.

How Does a Raglan Tee Different from All Other Types of T-Shirts?

Raglan t-shirts feature a sleeve type that is, unlike other common sleeves, t-shirts; such as the drop sleeve (similar to the set-in sleeve, as it features a seam from the underarm to the shoulder) or a set-in sleeve (sewn in the shoulder, as opposed to the neck). By difference, the raglan sleeve is a non-stop part of the fabric that extends from the collar of the t-shirt to the underarm; and it creates an interesting seam.

Benefits of a Raglan T-Shirt:

There are some obvious benefits of wearing a raglan t-shirt. Here are some of those benefits that you will experience by wearing a baseball tee:

  • Freedom of movement
  • No shoulder seam
  • A broad underarm fitting
  • A slight casual look

Fit and Fabric:

Sleeves of raglan tees definitely symbolize them; however, their fit and style are largely responsible for their reputation. Raglan tees have a relaxed and comfortable fit, and they are flawless for a day in day out casual wear and sportswear. You often see raglan tees in the popular game, “Baseball,”; because they fit comfortably on baseball players. 

Raglan t-shirts come in a variety of distinct fabric blends, and most of those fabric blends are a mixture of polyester and cotton; in most of the cases. One of the top-selling raglan tees that are made up of cotton and polyester blend is Next Level Youth CVC 3/4-Sleeve Raglan Tee. Raglan tees can also be made up of 100% polyester or 100% cotton or fleece blends.

To Sum Up.

Raglan tees are classic, and they have a brief history. Lastly, it is the style rather than the fabric from where raglan tees got their name.

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