Any business involves an exchange of goods/services with money or goods with goods (barter trade). In today’s digital world cash in hand see, to slow the transaction process and is not secure. In the digital world brands and retailers sell their products online, and consumers are buying and make the payment from there. Digital society is a rapidly growing community that consists of many potential buyers. For a brand to succeed and prosper in this digital age must shift from or find a proper way to serve customers and users in a digital society. Technology gave brands a solution to interact and sell their products online. Brands can use eCommerce website and Mobile Applications to showcase and sell their products directly to their customers.

Through the website, you will be able to showcase your products, but your website needs a digital payment system to give payment services to your customers. Most of the payment systems are owned and maintained by private companies and financial institutions. Apart from coming up with the solution, it’s also their job to protect you and your customers from frauds and any online threat during and after the transaction.

Every day people are looking for the best payment gateway for their business. Jenga payment gateway is the best you can find in Kenya. Our gateway created with multiple functions for both customers and the users. With its features, you will get to understand why Jenga payment gateway will make your business operate smooth.

Receiving payment API is built in API with Jenga payment gateway, the function of receiving API is to accept payments from different payment methods weather its cards, mobile money or bank transfer. Jenga payment gateway through it’s receiving payment API will give you customers abilities secure and reliable way to pay.

eCommerce payments will be easy and secured

Customers from 180 countries will be connected with your business and make a payment anytime with their Visa or AMEX cards. The surprising thing is they can also pay through digital wallets like Paypal and WeChat Pay. The gateway through its eCommerce ability will connect you with millions of potential customers in the world. Digital wallet users are increasing daily, and projections show that there will be a transaction of about USD 13 Billion by 2022 and they will be from digital wallets. Digital wallets managed to increase it’s market share and penetration for example in China 47% of its population is using digital wallets for their transactions.

In sub-Saharan Africa, most of people are using mobile money. The region is expected to have 500-million cellphone subscribers by 2020 which make it the fastest-growing mobile market in the world. Jenga payment gateway will give you access to all these people by allowing them to make payment directly to you with the money in their mobile money accounts. Jenga payment gateway accepts payments from M-Pesa, Tigo Pesa, MTN, Equitel and Airtel Money. All these mobile money users can be converted into a potential customer and prosper your business.

Jenga payment gateway left nobody behind! We also considered Business to Business (B2B) transactions. Mostly B2B prefer bank transfers because they deal with a large amount of money. Jenga payment gateway will enable your business to accept direct bank payment in a real-time. Your money will be in your account after the checkout complete.

Protecting your customer’s information will increase their trusts on your brand. Jenga payment is using high global security level to protect them from frauds and chargebacks. Jenga payment gateway complies with PCI DSS Level 1.

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