How safe is the deep web?

Are you an internet enthusiast or looking at the ways by which you can explore deep web? If yes then you may be looking to check deep web, however there are so many notions about deep web site sand its security on internet that having safety fears is always a concern for most people. There is always a question on any website on deep web and how dangerous it can be.

Even the media reports about the Deep web and the content it contains also poses a lot of questions which can easily make any user feel insecure or unsafe while exploring deep web. So the question remains how safe is deep web? Let us find out how safe is the deep web and what things you need to care about while exploring it.

Concerns about Deep Web and Safety

Deep web is that part of the internet which works underground and cannot be explored through normal search engines. Deep web contains major part of internet and not indexed by most of the search engines. Therefore you need to have a specialized software TOR browser to explore deep web sites. You need to have proper tools and right system security, updates and patches installed in order to explore deep web sites.

There are thousands of websites crawling with black market information like black marketers, drug mafia, weapons sold online and other heinous things that reside on deep web. It is important to keep a check on what exactly are you exploring on deep web and what information you view or explore.

Understand the difference between Deep Web and Dark Web with Safety issues

Deep web also contains dark web sites. One needs to understand the difference in both of them. Dark web is part of deep web and consists of lot of hidden activities mostly nefarious and suspicious. Some of the content on dark web can be disturbing to watch and even has a security issue associated with it. There are black markets loaded with thousands of stolen card information, human and drug traffickers and it can be dangerous to access this information.

Deep web can have security issues

One of the important things to understand about deep web is that it can have safety issues and you need to have good understanding about those issues. The deep web sites are not secured through normal internet domain servers that we have on the internet. Also the dark web sites are also out there having hackers waiting for you to click on a link or browse their websites.

Deep web safety concerns and issues

Many people have reported security issues and their personal information gets stolen after accessing deep web sites. There is also evidence on some of the dark web sites on deep web that contain credit card and other user information. Therefore deep web has lot many security issues to deal with and one needs to be careful while accessing any such links. TOR is a good option used to access Deep web so let’s see how it can be used to access deep web.

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Use TOR to access Deep web Safely

Deep web and dark web consist of spooky phrases and websites with masked IP address. These sites are hidden from outside world and mostly encrypted. You cannot access these sites using a normal search engine like Google or Bing. Also you cannot access them using normal browsers such as Firefox or Chrome, instead you need to have proper software installed that can help you access the websites and keep your system anonymous.

How to use TOR for safe browsing

TOR is an open source project start by US government initially and it provides you an option to scramble through the internet and browse through secure and dedicated network while not disclosing your information. You need to be careful while accessing any information on deep web but with TOR, it gives you chance to access few of the deep web sites simply by checking the online databases of websites and accessing them by providing IP address or URL on the go.

Encrypt your system before using TOR

If you are thinking about using TOR for accessing online information securely then you need to reconsider this. TOR is just for browsing and accessing deep web sites but it does not provide you safety or security feature. Those things you need to adopt or enable in your system for example installing a firewall network in your system or even make use of online web safety tools for enabling browsing safely. You can also make use of Linux systems to browse TOR since these systems are safe and secure without any browser issue or security concern.

Over to You

Deep web is safe to use if you are not browsing dark web and enabling security while accessing it. Keep a check on the points mentioned above for safe access using TOR.

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