How Some People Celebrate Birthdays

Planning for an event is a multi-task that needs employing several people to do several assignments mostly simultaneously to accomplish before the big event is due. The most difficult part is doing the legwork and getting things done at the same time, according to your expectations. Along the way, problems encountered all the more add to the physical exhaustion and mental burden experienced.

No matter how mentally and physically taxing preparing for an event is, the joy, contentment, and sense of fulfillment is priceless. All year round, there are wonderful reasons to celebrate. Customs and traditions that define our cultural heritage are deeply embedded in our system such that the absence of a celebration will significantly make us incomplete and leave an empty space within us. cakes hbd celebrations, no matter how simply it is celebrated over a bottle of beer or a sumptuous dinner, become grand because of the effort of special people around. After all being born is something so universal for every individual in this planet.

How do people all over the world celebrate birthdays? Some traditions are quite similar in many parts of the world. After all, we share the same purpose – that is to celebrate life and love. Candles, cakes, gifts, greeting cards, of course, will never be absent. It is most quiet interesting to learn how different nationalities with different cultures celebrate birthdays.

In Hungary, the birthday celebrant’s earlobe is pulled after the gifts are opened and at the same time a prayer is said in the form of a rhyme. All Vietnamese celebrate their birthday on New Year’s day. Not only it is the first day of the year but it is everybody’s birthday as Vietnamese do not acknowledge the day that they were born but they follow the lunar calendar of year they were born. Celebrants are given envelopes with lucky coins by family members. Meanwhile, unmarried Danish men over the age of thirty are given a pepper mill made of two big old drums, filled with cement and painted and completed with Danish songs.

Some birthday traditions sound so odd and extraordinarily special but that is so unique of a tradition to a country or nationality. Nowadays, apart from the practices that each nationality has, birthday celebrations have become grand and well-celebrated. Not only did different cultures, customs and traditions mixed due to interracial marriages but also due to the power and influence brought about by globalization especially that of the internet. However we may see it, celebrations certainly has become a status symbol if you want to be seen and be heard.