How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Album?



In view of the fateful wedding day, the two future spouses must make many decisions relating to the ceremony. Some choices are simple, others are more complex, and still others seem impossible. How many and who will be invited? Dinner or lunch? Buffet standing or sitting? Which wedding dress to choose? Which wedding photographer to rely on? Music yes or music no? How many bridesmaids? Who is the witness? What flowers will make up the bride’s bouquet? What will the wedding album look like? When will the honeymoon leave? In short, the decisions to be taken are really many, and precisely for this reason, having collected in recent year’s great experience as a wedding photographer, I started to create posts aimed precisely at helping the spouses to easily juggle one choice and another. In fact, a few weeks ago we saw a guide for the bouquet, while last week we understood what rules to follow when choosing the wedding dress. Today, however, we return to a topic that calls me directly into the role of expert: how do you choose the perfect wedding album?

The most complete memory of your wedding

For the choice of the wedding album you have to assume that you are not choosing any collector, no, you are deciding the characteristics of what will be the most tangible, exciting and complete memory of the most important day of your life. I say this not so much to load this choice of excessive importance, but instead to underline the fact that the perfect wedding album must be able to best present those indelible memories, without diminishing them in any way: I myself propose to my customers some wedding photo albums designed not only to be elegant and long-lasting, but also to best restore the ‘style’ of the ceremony itself.

A wedding album consistent with the ceremony

But what does it mean to respect the style of the ceremony when choosing and composing the wedding album? A particularly refined wedding can obviously be enhanced by classic and high-quality albums, while younger and trendy ceremonies can find the perfect compendium in versatile, colorful and current albums. The same consistency must obviously be respected in the photographic composition of the wedding album: where the wedding photographer has been asked for a wedding reportage it is obviously better to prefer the truly natural and spontaneous shots, instead putting aside any posing photographs requested by some guests. In this way, by browsing the album years later, you will always be able to appreciate a pleasant photographic consistency via best photography services in Dubai.

How many photos make up a wedding album?

But let’s go a little further into the concrete. Beyond the style, before choosing the wedding album it is often useful to decide how many wedding photos will make it up, and what will be their size: do you prefer a large album with multiple shots per page? Or do you favor a single photo for each sheet? Usually, in any case, there is a tendency to make albums with a total number of photographs between 100 and 140 shots.

The two protagonists of an exciting story

And who should be the subjects of the selected photos? Obviously the undisputed protagonists of the wedding photo album must be the two spouses, but this does not mean that space should not be left to tell the day as a whole. Here, of course, the experience as well as the observation ability of the wedding photographer, capable of photographing not only people, but also the emotions of the moment and the relationships between the guests, come into play even more.

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