How to Create Custom Soap Packaging that’ll Blow your Customers Away?

When you compete in a highly competitive market, such as beauty soaps, there is a very slim chance that you can achieve success without having eye-catching custom soap packaging. To strengthen your brand identity and grow your sales, you have to pique customer’s interest in what you have to proffer. Your custom soap boxes will be the first thing patrons will come across when roaming around the store, so it should grab their attention and make them want to throw them in their carts.

This bounds you to design a dazzling packaging solution that stands out on the retail shelf and can be easily spotted from afar. Here is how you can create one for your brand.

Make Use of the Colors

Keeping human phycology in mind, colors can prove vital in gaining attention. Leading brands frequently use specific colors such as red, yellow, or blue as they are known for capturing the gaze in the retail store. However, simply harnessing the power of specific colors would not ensure your soaps will stand out on the retail shelves, especially when your competitors are also using the same colors to make the most of the psychological effect.

Another option would be to apply hues that are used less often. It will help differentiate your custom soap packaging from the rest. Plus, this will make your soaps more prominent on the racks because they do not look like anything else, which can significantly increase the probability of drawing more eyes.

Choose an Unusual Font Styles

When customers come across a packaging solution, they make certain assumptions about the product and brand based on its texture and feel. Putting extra hours into choosing an unusual font style will give your soaps an edge over the competition. A flimsy packaging material won’t give you a sturdy feel. You need to leverage Kraft or cardboard materials to design sturdier custom soap boxes that provide better protection and firm grip.

Of course, glossy materials may seem more attractive than the matte ones, but it all depends on the finishing you choose for your packaging. Coming back to the font style, you can explore new ways to incorporate text into your custom soap packaging design to give your soaps a more distinctive appeal.

Create a Unique Message

To create a compelling marketing message, you should know what exactly you want to convey to the customers through your packaging. Catchy product description will help you gain attention in a retail environment where shelves are crammed with similar products. If your unique marketing message manages to strike a chord with potential customers, it will give you a serious competitive edge.

With eye-catching fonts and clever sayings, you can get potential buyers interested in your soaps. From there on, it all depends on your marketing message. If it is in-line with the offering, your audience will end up buying from you.

Opt for a Different Shape

If your competition uses rectangular or square boxes to encase their soaps, its best to opt for a different shape. Remember, when you get to play with different shapes, it always leads you to something more unique that efficiently captures customers’ attention. You are not bound to persist with one shape that everyone else is using in your industry.

Sure, a popular packaging shape can be the most convenient and affordable option, but if you have the time and money, there is no harm in coming up with an out of the box solution that allows your product to stand out. Naturally, a different custom soap packaging will lure more customers because the unique shape will make it more visible to the naked eye.