How to Develop Interest in Maths Subject?



Maths can become a tedious and uninteresting subject if you are just learning whatever your teacher has taught you in the class. To build interest in Maths subject, you need to give extra time. You can remove the monotony of Maths by making Maths meaningful to you. You need to start playing with the numbers in your daily life.

You must have come across Mathematical calculations in your day to day activities. For example, when you have gone shopping, you must have seen offers provided in the selling items as 60% discount etc. Similarly, there are many more examples, from buying vegetables to watching cricket matches on television. If you start focusing on these small events and start making use of them, you would surely see an improvement in your mathematical skills. With time, you will also start enjoying the subject.

5 Tips to Make Maths an Interesting Subject

Here we are providing some tips which will cultivate your interest towards Maths subject.

1) Start Playing with Maths as a Game

You must start playing with the numbers when you are doing simple Arithmetic calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentage, ratios, etc. You must have studied these topics in primary and upper primary classes. So, having command over them will help you in doing fast calculations. Also, it will help when you are solving the RD Sharma Solutions for Class 6. Several Maths apps are also available online for free downloading, which will turn Maths into an interesting game.

2) Learn Maths Tricks

You need to learn some Maths tricks for doing faster calculation. Suppose you want to solve 101*102 in 60 seconds, then you need to know multiplication tricks. You must have heard about Vedic Mathematics. It is a system of reasoning and mathematical working, based on ancient Indian Teaching called Veda. If you go through it, you will find many more magical tricks related to fast calculation.

3) Be Prepared for Maths Class

Whenever you attend any Maths class, make sure that you are prepared for it. Just go through the topics a day before it is being taught in the classroom. This will keep you engaged and less distracted. You will find the class to be quite interesting as you have already read about the topic. Also, if you don’t get any particular concept, you can clear it at that moment by asking the teacher. Once the topic is taught in the class, you can go home and solve questions related to the topics. Books like RD Sharma Solutions consist of varying questions. Solving them will give you good practice.

4) Join a Maths Club

You can join a Maths club at your school, friend circle, local communities or even online through various Facebook groups etc. Before joining any club, make sure that people who are passionate about Maths are members of the group. When you are surrounded by Maths lovers you will feel inspired, motivated and interested in learning new things related to Maths.

5) Read books about Maths

Read books related to Mathematical mystery, fiction, autobiography of famous Mathematicians etc. You must have read about Ramanujan who made a significant contribution to Mathematical theories. Reading books related to these will surely maintain your interest in Maths.

Keep Learning and exploring something new every day.

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